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Moose hunt combo?
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Korey Wolfe 27-May-15
Db1 27-May-15
bentstick 27-May-15
Korey Wolfe 30-May-15
From: Korey Wolfe
So after many years of waiting to pull the trigger on an archery moose hunt I've finally booked a hunt for this fall. I will be hunting with Smoky River Outfitters near Grande Prairie. The original plan was to have my brother accompany me on the hunt and we would film each others hunts, but with only one moose tag available (and my brother's consent), I decided to go for it. My brother is still open to joining me on the hunt (to film but more importantly to experience a moose hunt) but only if there is some hunting to be done either along the way or in close proximity to Grande Prairie.

So here is the question, does anyone have suggestions on where to hunt along the way? A bear hunt in Southern Saskatchewan? Whitetails in North Dakota? Mule deer in Alberta? Any outrageously great fishing destinations along the way?

Hunt dates would be in the ballpark of September 15-28th.

If we can't come up with something for him to hunt, I will either have to fly or do the 30 hours drive alone.

From: Db1
Pm sent

From: bentstick
Say hi to Greg for me, I hunted with him in '05 and '07. Flying into GP is a lot easier than a 30 hr drive solo. You might ask him if there's another outfitter in an adjacent zone that has an open hunt.


From: Korey Wolfe
Thanks Lance, that sounds like a great idea.

I've been doing some more research and it seems like fall bear hunting is typically trumped by other big game that can only be hunted in the fall.

Any leads on an elk hunt would also be appreciated.


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