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glass eye 01-Jun-15
MaBow 01-Jun-15
richc 01-Jun-15
From: glass eye
Did a short tahr hunt. Hiking in my Mathews Drenalin was strapped to my pack and somewhere my quiver popped off....DOH !!!! Could have shot one with a rifle but recovery would probably be impossible. Went with a kiwi mate who only had 5 days off work, 1 day travel in and another out only gave us 3 hunting days. Next year I'm dedicating a full 2 weeks to tahr.

From: MaBow

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Very nice.

From: richc
I feel for you. On one of my thar hunts I broke my release and felt like a real idiot when I had to tell my kiwi friend I didn't have a spare one with me. Did manage to redeem myself this year and shot two thar with my wife acting as spotter on the first one. It was a great experience having her watch the whole thing through a spotter and direct me in for the shot.

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