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Antelope water hole hunting
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Some say pronghorn water hole hunting is boring...I disagree....I find myself full of anticipation all day never know what is going to peek above the horizon and then as they make their way to you.....or not

Anyways not all water holes are created the same. Some are too big and maybe you wait all day or days to have what you want come to the furtherest part. I have heard two techniques to "funnel' antelope. One is you plant some surveyors flags in a line and the other one is run a knee high string with some flagging tape and supposedly they will avoid crossing these areas.

Any experiences???

From: drycreek
Nope. I use the hope and pray method. Sometimes it even works ! Actually the only time I hunted a " too big " waterhole I watched goats water out of range for two days. At the end of the second day I moved my blind up against some cat tails closer to where they were watering and managed to make a 47 yard shot on a small one. He did have the same number of backstraps as a big one though !

From: Dakota

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I know the knee high string trick works. We were just experimenting one day and used fishing line and it definitely works. I really didn't think it would.

From: gobbler
It can get boring hunting out of a blind where you have a limited field of view. I like hunting elevated windmill stands better. You need sunscreen and a good hat and have to limit your movement but you have a 360 degree of view.

If you're moving a lot they can spot you from hundreds of yards away but in my experience if they are right underneath you you can get away with a fair amount of movement. Anyway , I enjoy that more than staring thru a hole for 12 hours.

From: Elkhuntr
I find it similar to any stand or blind hunting. When action is slow, it is kinda dull. As posted above, being able to see farther and larger views helps. Being able to stand up helps too.

I have been in a few water hole blinds and have taken antelope. With few exceptions, there were often critters coming and going whether it was badgers, deer or antelope.

I struggle more when in a blind and having to deal with hot temps.

From: Sage Buffalo
If you can waterhole hunt with a buddy. Especially once you haven't seen for a while or even bring your kid.

Waterhole hunting from a blind is one of my favorites because you can actually do it with someone and have a good time. Catch up on life, etc.

I know some will say that's not hunting but I sit in a stand by myself enough hours a year where I "understand" hunting.

Then when that goat pops up over the horizon its game on! Nothing like seeing an animal come from a mile away!

From: jims
I pretty much try to avoid waterholes that are to large. It may be possible to shut off the water so it makes the water smaller or possibly shut off water at other water sources in the area so they are concentrated at the waterhole you'll be spending time. I would suggest scheduling your hunt last minute so you can watch the weather and go during the hottest, driest, extended periods.

From: Stick Man
Water hole hunting is probably the most effective way to take an antelope! That being said, it is not for me. I am a spot and stalk kind of guy, and I love to use a decoy during the rut. On two different occasions I have gotten into a pit blind and had a rattle snake tell me the place was occupied. Did not get bit either time, but started looking every time after that. It is also the only place I have felt like I was having a heat stroke, no air movement and the sun beating down on the blind makes a blind into an oven in August. Bring plenty of water, I like to freeze two gallon jugs of water and bring a third one that isn't frozen. Drink the ones that are frozen, and if you drink them down to just ice, add to it with the unfrozen water.

From: WoodMoose
" I like hunting elevated windmill stands better."

as do I,,,windmills are a blast,,,,

From: cityhunter
I have hunted lope on big water holes one can usually find the one spot they like to drink from .

You can funnel antelope using the flagging tape trick. Works well on fence crossing too. I've done it at both of those situations before.

Thanks guys.... hoping I get a chance to try it out in a few months....

From: BO-N-ARO
Make sure any of these strings or flags are legal....

From: cityhunter

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cityhunter's embedded Photo
Boring hell no sitting in a blind in new mex when its 103 outside the blind is far from boring ! Chase the cows away i find the lppe are like sharks in the backdrop just waiting to pounce on the water holes when the cattle are gone .

I miss it terribly! Lopes are great fun and a comfortable chair makes it a great ambush hunt. Good Luck, C

From: Triple 3

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Water hole hunting for Antelope can be a great way to relax and regroup during a multi species hunt. Wyoming elk, deer and antelope seasons run together in many areas.


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From: Seahorse
Flagging can work, but if there's livestock around they are very curious critters and will pull out or trample everything, including your blind. Any cords may be a real tangling hazard for them.

From: hunter2121
I am very interested to try antelope hunting, and I wanted to ask a few things. If you do some scouting, I heard that it would be best to put something in place of where you will put your blind(if on public land). Such as a big box from some appliance. To allow the antelope to get used to having something out of the ordinary? I also heard that if you do put your blind out, that you should put a strand of barb wire around it to keep cattle from smashing it?

Any other advice?

From: hagelmiester
I love it, you are pretty much watching animals the whole time. They my not be close,but you can usually see some all day.

From: drycreek
2121 One year that I hunted in Wyo., the family took a trip to Montana during July. We routed right by the place I was going to hunt. I took some camo burlap and bought some cheap T posts locally and drove the T posts in a triangle shape roughly the size of my pop-up blind. Wrapped the burlap around the posts and secured it. Come hunting time, we slide in, take down the faux blind and put up the real one. Goats never knew the difference ! Slam dunk ! The next year, the rancher's son-in-law did this for us.

From: Teeton
Can someone explain how to do the flagging tape trick and any other trick/tricks you may have. Doing first antelope hunt opening day in Wyoming. I will be there 4 or 5 days before the opener.. Thanks Ed

From: bow_dude
I have hunted lopers 3 seasons and will do my 4th this year. I put up a blind the morning of the hunt and it does not scare them in the least. They still come in. Putting up a blind ahead of time, in my opinion and experience, is not necessary. as a side note, unless the laws have changed, on BLM ground, a blind has to be removed at sundown. Might read up on the law to make sure.

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