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Idaho moose unit 70
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Drew unit 70 Idaho moose. Planning for this to be an archery hunt but not sure at this time how much scouting I can do. Looking for local knowledge and suggestions for outfitter if I go that route

From: Buskill
I wish I had a tip for you. Best of luck !!! I'm jealous !!

Did some more research and think I understand why so little feedback here. Idaho Outfitters association has no registered outfitters for this unit. Only 1 non resident tag, 5 res. looks like DIY may be only option. Have a call into biologist in Pocotello office, appreciate any advice I can get otherwise

Have you ever been to that unit? To Idaho?

Not that unit. Will make time to scout, would help If I can hire a packer. Sons are still in school and I only take them out if they have a tag themselves. Killed a bunch of elk but understand a moose pack out is another level. Info from Huntinfool and stats from Idaho game and fish paint this as a top shelf unit and great tag. Any help appreciated

From: JM
I drew a Idaho moose tag in unit 29 last year and it took a little while to find an outfitter. Go back to the Idaho outfitters associations web site and search for the outfitters in the adjacent units and call and talk to them. If they aren't interested in doing the hunt they can probably point you to somebody else who might be able to help you. Also if you are a member of the hunting fool call and talk with them.


From: Mark
You don't need an outfitter. I've lived in Pocatello my whole life. I sent you a PM.

Thanks to all for the help. Actually used Huntinfool to apply for me for this tag at last minute. Been a member 17 years and never used them to apply and never applied in Idaho. This may be the lowest odds tag I have ever drawn. They put me in touch with Tibbie Denning in unit 69 who may be able to help Will go unguided gladly but will need help to pack out a moose. PM sent Mark

Thank you Mark for your time and help. Guys like you are what make Bowsite great, unselfish people helping someone with same passion they don't even know. I promise to pay it forward. Sounds like this is going to be a fun hunt with a great tag. My earlier post should have said Robbie Denning was the outfitter I spoke to Didn't proof my post, so sorry. He was very nice and helpful and gave me some contacts as well

From: John Scifres
Can't help with the unit but I was elk hunting Idaho and a friend had a moose tag last year. Near Moscow. He killed a nice bull 2-1/2 miles from truck. Took 3 of us 9 hours to pack him out. So, I agree, you will need help :)

Good luck to you. Nice draw!

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