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Minimum total arrow weight
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From: wkochevar
Going moose hunting in 2016 for Canada Moose. My current arrow set up is: FMJ 340, VAP 100gr with a total weight right around 475gr. Don't know my speed but pulling roughly 64# @ 28". Should I bump up to 125 gr heads to get closer to 500 total or do you think this is plenty? I think I'm pretty good, just curious about thoughts... Thanks


Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
You are good to go! Shot through my Moose with 60 lbs. @ 28" and 400 grain total arrow weight! Have a great hunt and aim low! Nothing but trouble if you hit them high!

Note on this picture the backbone tapers down hard as it comes forward "DANGER"!!

From: Medicinemann
Charlie X are good to go.

From: Jack Harris
I put in for NH (doubt I will get it) but also worked on getting my total weight up to 460, from 365... I feel that is plenty out of a 65# Matthews z7

From: Ambush
You are good to go. Pick your shot, execute, then get your camera out.

From: ollie
Moose are big animals with a lot of tissue to penetrate. A little extra weight won't hurt a thing.

From: hunterdad
The set up I am using for Alaska moose this September is 225 grain 2 blade Abowyer head, 50 grain insert for a total arrow weight of 625 grains. 50# @ 32 1/2" recurve. Hopefully I can tell you in 3 months how the penetration was :)

My BC moose was a pass thru shot at 15 yards with 60# compound and similar arrow weight as yours

Nice picture Charlie

Good luck

From: dhaverstick
My moose arrows are logs compared to you alls! I will be shooting maple shafts with 200 grain Ace Super Express broadheads and my total arrow weight is between 750 and 775 grains.


From: huntindoc
I am running 200 gr single bevel with total weight at 675gr total set up. This is about half the arrow weight I put together for a buff hunt last year. Really fun to shoot long distances with these spears. Not a lot of wind drift and they are grouping well. Good luck to everybody and get some pics up with success!

From: bsbowhunter
Shot mine a year ago with 65# compound and a 400grn total weight arrow, using a 100gr muzzy. Complete pass thru. Your good to go! Good Luck! Looking forward to pictures.

From: Rick M

Rick M's embedded Photo
Rick M's embedded Photo
As long as your bow/arrows are tuned you should be golden. I used almost the exact set up as you are taking on an Alaskan moose in 2012.

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