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Waiting for a Washington Moose tag sucks
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Yendor 14-Jun-15
Mr.C 15-Jun-15
Smoked 15-Jun-15
Mr.C 15-Jun-15
South Farm 16-Jun-15
No Bark 17-Jun-15
Yendor 18-Jun-15
Mr.C 18-Jun-15
From: Yendor
I now have 17 or 18 points for a Washington moose tag. The average for the last 3 years were 11 points for those drawn. There's a high success rate once you get a tag, but 18 years is a long time to wait. Is it a better chance of getting a tag, if you put down a second or third choice. I don't know the other hunting areas as well.

From: Mr.C
I would have to say yes your chances increase,and if Im not mistaken dont you need all three choices filled in anyway or are you using the same unit # for each choice ..and yes 100% success rate on moose in our State but you better make it count because its a 1 and done on moose in the state if you dont know the area ask the wardens the`ll almost take you to the moose like you ive been applying for about 15 years,I just opted for the points this year because im going to Alaska for moose I better look though because I put in for big horns...your do thats for sure ,dont give up! good luck

MikeC ..pick a hair and split it

From: Smoked
Mr.C... there are 4 choices allowed, and no, you don't need to fill out all 4, but it does increase your odds. Certain hunt choices are gone quickly and if your name pops up and your 1st choice tags are already gone then they go to your 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice. If you don't put in for more than one choice your odds increase substantially.. Most moose tags recipients do not draw their 1st choice. The good news is that every single moose unit in the state has excellent hunting, so don't be afraid to put in for all 4 choices!

From: Mr.C
yes your primary and three other so four is correct! my mistake,..Thanks for the correction Smoked


From: South Farm
I feel your pain. I waited 21 years to draw a coveted Minnesota moose license...only to have extreme heat and hurricane winds steal my dream! Now there's so few moose left they cancelled the hunt indefinitely, probably forever is my guess. Once in a lifetime anyway, so I'm done either way. Thank God for Alaska and Ontario!

Mooseless in Minnesota

From: No Bark
Hey Yendor, If I'm not mistaken the 11 points is an average of all applicants not of those drawn. In either case I'm right with ya at 17 for NEXT year because my luck is as bad as yours! lol

From: Yendor
I had always put in for the same unit as I know someone who vacations there a lot and knows where the nice bulls hang out. I had always heard that the game department, and forest service will almost drive you to great places to hunt. Also there are a couple of guides that know the areas well, and have maps available that show the best areas. So next year I will have 4 choices, and will also be going to hunt Caribou with JHA. Could be a busy year.

From: Mr.C
no on the big horn draw this year... I guess it`ll be next year

MikeC..dont stop trying to get where you wanna be

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