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From: Tilzbow
I just found out that I drew unit 101 for moose and I'm looking for help identifying a bow hunting friendly outfitter. The tag is bull only, any legal weapon but I'll be going bow only.

Due to my job and current workload plus the two day drive there's no way I can do this DIY....

Grats on the tag

From: sticksender
Congrats on your good fortune in the draw!

Good luck. Please post pictures.

From: Bowboy
Congrats on the tag and good luck!

From: Treeline
Congratulations on the tag! Don't know any outfitters up that way, but you should be able to do some research on line for who is working up there. You might want to look at the Guides and Outfitter's Association web page to see if there are any guides that stand out for any weapon in that area.

Not many Outfitters anywhere specialize in archery but most all of them can help you out.

Perfect, congrats Tiz...

From: NvaGvUp
Scott's my buddy. I'll take care of getting him the right guy to help him arrow a good bull.

From: kellyharris
Mulepower here on bowsite

From: huntingbob
Congrats! I'm sure you will have the time of your life.

That is great news!


Good luck, Robb


From: Smtn10PT
Congrats! How long did it take you to get that tag?

From: Tilzbow
Thanks all. I had 6 bonus points so I got real lucky!

From: nwmontana

nwmontana's embedded Photo
nwmontana's embedded Photo
I live in area 101 and have been trying to draw that tag for 20 years. There are some really good moose in 101. There is some great country to hunt Moose in and I would recommend getting back away from the road and putting some time into it. The #2 Pope and Young for Montana came out of area 101 last year, killed by a local guy. I elk hunt the same area that he killed his moose in and we both agreed that he did not get the big one that we had been seeing. I picked up a 179 inch wolf kill a few years back.

The local outfitter is Montana Mountain West Outfitters (Andrew Cote, Nate Ruth); they have some pictures on Facebook of a few of the bulls they have guided hunters on. I know them personally and they are great guys that will put you in on the Moose and give you plenty of opportunity to harvest a good bull. Be ready to put some miles on your feet as well as beat the brush. I elk hunt area 101 and have already been scouting. I can say this there are some good moose this year and you drew a great tag. I was pretty sure that if I could have drew the tag I would have harvested the state record. You can PM me and I can give you some more info.

From: Mark Watkins
Scot, Congrats! Sounds like a premier tag! We fully expect the same quality of thread as your Stones Sheep hunt from last year!:)


Congrats Tilzbow!!

From: Tilzbow

No pressure there! No way my Stone's hunt will ever be topped! I'm fortunate that I've done some really cool things in my life (way more than I deserve) and my Stone Sheep hunt was bar far, the best!

That said my desired tags, in order of preference, would be:

Montana Bighorn

Bighorn anywhere else (I need one for a bowslam)

Moose in the lower 48

I can't wait to get up to NW MT to see and experience the country!!! Oh yeah, the moose, too!

I drew 102 last year and hunted with Andrew Cote. I was able to take a unique 50" bull ok the 3rd day. 101 is the tag to have from what I remember.

Andrew runs a great operation if you choose to go guided.

From: Tracker
Great info there from NWMonatna. Glad to see someone willing to pass on some solid information.

From: Shortdraw
AWESOME!!!!!!! That's a great tag to pull man!!!

How did your hunt turn out?

Yes agreed. You can't start this and then not finish iT!

From: KD

From: Tracker12
yea it would be nice to hear about the results of OP hunt.

From: KD
Would still be nice to know how this one turned out.....

From: Trial153
That's a great tag, congrats and good luck.

From: Tilzbow
I've been pretty busy with work and life and haven't posted much, if at all, for months and I'll make this quick. I hired Andrew Cote of Montana Mountain West. He was highly recommended on this thread and didn't disappoint. We hunted a total of 12 days; 7 during the rut and 5 in late November. We had a few close calls, got stalked by a grizzly, had wolves screw up a couple of sets, walked 15 to 20 miles per day and ultimately came up empty with no shot opportunities. The highlight of the rut hunt was watching a 50" class bull feed in a shallow lake for nearly 2 hours but we had no opportunity for a stalk and the wind finally gave us away. He had no interested in the call and never knew we were there until the wind swirled.

The highlight of the late season hunt was learning to ride a snowmobile and a nice little whitetail buck. Overall I got to know a great guy with a super nice family who I plan to hunt elk with this fall.

I wouldn't recommend unti 101 for moose; for every moose track we saw we'd see twice the number of wolf tracks and many times the wolf tracks would be over the top of the moose tracks. However, I would highly recommend Andrew and his outfit. He delivered everything that was promised and more.

From: Bowboy
Sounds like you had great hunt, but didn't get to notch your tag. I've been there. Good luck on your future hunts!

Nothing beats great hunt memories!

You gave it your all for sure.

Good luck, Robb

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