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How Unlucky Can You Be?
Wild Sheep
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NvaGvUp 15-Jun-15
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Bou'bound 16-Jun-15
wildwilderness 16-Jun-15
TD 16-Jun-15
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Rut Nut 23-Jun-15
From: NvaGvUp
I've got a friend in CA who told me this morning he is the First Alternate for a sheep tag in the Orocopias, which is probably the best unit in the state.

Bad luck, right?

But get this - This is the second time he's been the First Alternate for a sheep tag in CA!


Maybe this will be his year though!

Good luck, Robb

From: Bou'bound
He needs to pull a Tonya Harding on that guy

I think it would be better to not know that you were an alternate.

From: TD
Like being told the good news is.... congratulations! You're in the world series..... the bad news is you go into it being down 0-3......

From: NvaGvUp
I told him to find out who the guy who has the tag is, then offer to pay him if he'll walk away.

From: cityhunter
make the guy a offer he cant refuse !

From: trublucolo
LOL Bou'

From: Buzzard
OK... We all know what a desert ram hunt costs without drawing. I wonder what it would be worth to some at random tag drawer that only has $9 invested? How would you get a name and number? Is it legal to profit financially from the draw? Odds are that it is not a sheep nut. A buddy here is first alternate for the White Mountains. It is cruel to let the first alternate know before the primary holder bails!

From: NvaGvUp
There's no law against incentivizing someone to decline the tag.

As noted above, there are a lot of guys who apply for sheep simply because it's part of the application. Every year, some of those guys draw without having a clue about what they drew To them, it's no different from a deer tag they can road hunt.

Those guys can be bought off.

From: Rut Nut
TD- I was thinking something similar. But something like you drew the tag, then you find out your wife was diagnosed with cancer and you will be busy taking her to her chemo treatments during the duration of the hunt.

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