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Alaska DIY according to my hunting buddy
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From: g man
I am sure this is a repeat thread but here goes! My buddy wants to do a DIY Alaska moose hunt. He said units 19a and 19b are the good areas. I do not know anything about Alaska but am very interested in this opportunity. He is doing his research and is a very experienced hunter. I thought Bowsite was my best beginning to become more knowledgeable. How about some good info. Thank you.

From: Halibutman
Good luck!

From: Russell
I hunted that area last year. Fly-in with guide.

Weather is the key. Unfortunately, the first half of September has been staying warmer and warmer. We didn't have any snow on the hills and most days were warm.

There's some big bulls but the rut wasn't very active due to warm weather.

If I hunt Alaska again, I'm searching for units that have the later season and not the first half of Sept.

Good luck on the hunt. I had a great time, but eat tag soup.

PM sent.

GMU 19 was the area so inundated with NR DIY hunters that we had to stop ALL NR moose hunting (about 10 years ago) there for quite some time. Hundreds of them dropped off and floating the rivers.

With some predator control work and more limited #'s of hunters, it has gotten somewhat better than it was.


From: MDW
from my limited experiences, the later in Sept. the better.

If this is your first Alaska DIY hunt I would not recommend moose.

From: thedude
Reserve a spot at a meat processor ahead of time and figure out with the airlines how you are going to get a small car with legs back home. Talk to Bios and there are also some population density maps online. Dont skimp on any of your gear and make sure everything is broken in.

From: g man
Thanks all, appreciated.

From: jtelarkin08
I want to do a DIY moose trip in the next 5 years but i have to find a good person to go with first..

From: mixed bag
Finding a moose partner for a diy hunt is very tough.It took me 3 years to find one.I've done other hunts in Ak diy,and partners for those were much easier to come by.If you can't find anyone, I may be willing to go again in a few years.I need to get back to archery elk hunts first though with my son now that's he's old enough and a good enough shot

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