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Axis deer hunt
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Tndeer 18-Jun-15
ridgerunnerron 19-Jun-15
Tndeer 19-Jun-15
bghunter 19-Jun-15
Zebrakiller 25-Jun-15
From: Tndeer
Can anyone suggest a moderately priced free range axis deer hunt in the Texas Hill Country?

When I hunted w/ Clay of Pope Brothers Guide Services, we saw a number of free ranging axis on one of his no longer available ranches. Axis are one of the most common free ranging exotics. He does mostly rifle hunts I believe. (I am waiting on him to get me back down for a free range chocolate fallow)

From: Tndeer
thanks ridgerunnerron

From: bghunter

I sent you a PM

From: Zebrakiller
I know nothing of this place but there is a place in texas Pamandan Ranch offering 1 buck and two does with lodge for $1500

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