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Newfoundland early season
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From: Joe711
Me and 3 buddies just booked our first ever moose hunt, in Newfoundland. Sept 4-11.It will be at a fly in remote camp.

I realize it's way before prime time, but we wanted to go this year and wanted to get it done only with a bow. Has anyone hunted Newfoundland that early in the season? How tough is it to get close to moose if they're not in rut or responding to calls. Any feedback as far as weather, tactics or essential gear would be appreciated.


Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
This Moose was the second one called in after two days of hunting around September 1. Saw 21 the first day and 18 the second day when I got this one.

Moose don't like new moose in their territory. Calling worked well. You will have a great time. Good Luck! C

From: bb
I think early season is best. They seem more relaxed, and will come to a call. It's most likely going to be warm. bring rain gear, head net would be a a help, rubber boots lightweight wool that can be layered, wool sweater. fleece if you prefer. I'm not a fan of fleece. Other than that, your guide will get you into the area where the moose are. chances are you will have a guide who is not a bowhunter. That shouldn't make a bit of difference as it will be up to you to call the shots if you have to close the distance and stalk, if the Moose comes all the way in to the call there isn't much to do but get yourself into a position that the can't smell you and then take the shot. If he doesn't come all the way to the call, which is the most likely scenario, you will have to close the deal yourself. Even if the guide is a bowhunter, the same advice holds true. stalks are made for one person only and you shouldn't be relying on the guide to get you the moose.

From: safari
Charlie, Coming thru as always. Nice Newfie moose.

From: Fuzzy
wait, they have moose in Newfoundland? ;)

From: Sage Buffalo
Difficulty depends on your expectation.

If you are looking at a good scoring bull I would put it at the same difficulty as shooting a nice bull elk. I know that sounds crazy after all the stories you hear but after 2 trips with gun with 2 very reputable outfitters I am not sure outside of the rut how you consistently kill big Bulls there with a bow.

If you are happy shooting any bull then the odds increase.

I love NL but realized it's not the fish-in-barrel like you believe on your first trip. I would say prep yourself like you are going on an elk hunt and you will increase your odds.

Either way hunting NL is about the whole experience. I love it and will go back often because of it.

From: Joe711
Thanks for the great info guys. I didn't think they would respond to calls that early in the season.. Charlie, after seeing your photo, i feel a lot more optimistic about our hunt, great job! I don't have high expectations on our first hunt, i know it's not the Yukon.. will be happy with pretty much any bull!

From: Lone Eagle
I hunted the early season back in 2003. I shot my moose, 42" bull, on the 2nd afternoon. I had seen 42 moose by the time I shot mine. We were mostly spoting and stalking, but my guide did grunt at my moose to stop him for my shot. The bowhunting camp that I was in went 8 for 12 during the early season that year. You will have a great hunt, just be prepaired for alot of walking. Good Luck on your hunt.

From: TMA1010
I'm going up to Moose Valley Oct 4-11 this year. Dean just emailed me this past week asking for my paperwork for my rifle - I told him that I was going to go with archery gear and that if his guides could get me to 150 yards I felt I could take it from there. He said that shouldn't be too much of a problem, but he suggested that I try to stalk every bull we come across regardless of the size and make the decision if/when the shot is presented. That got me a lot more excited about the trip because even if I only go up there and get to make 5 or 6 stalks and don't end up bringing one home I'm sure that there will be memories that last the rest of my life.

From: Bou'bound
Dean will take care of you. I hunted there 6 times and will be back

From: Trial153
I am Taking my father with next fall( 2016)....also MVO, dean has been great so far with questions and logistics. really looking forward to the his hunt and spending time with my dad.

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