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From: Tracker
As I get ready to head into retirement I am looking at a few different hunting opportunities and Goa hunting is one of them. What State can I realistically have a chance at drawing when starting at age 60.

From: Mainer
Realistically.... None. Might have a chance in CO but I wouldn't say realistically. Go to Alaska or Canada.

From: cityhunter
join the club !!!

From: Rob Register
Odds are not good for a nonresident goat draw anywhere. Statistically Idaho is probably your best chance in a draw since you have no built up points in any other state. Idaho has no preference or bonus point system, however nonresident tags are limited to 10%. There were 220 nonresident applications last year for 5 NR goat tags in Idaho. As mentioned above you can buy a hunt in Alaska or Canada. Alaska is usually cheaper depending on the outfitter. Another option to consider is bidding on a goat hunt donated for auction by various conservation groups. Those hunts sometimes sell for less than full price. PM me if you want recommendations on outfitters or the names of the conservation organizations where goat hunts are usually auctioned.

From: brettpsu
I would look into Idaho and Wyoming because they lack a preference/bonus point system. Your odds are probably between 1-3%.

From: sticksender
You say you're starting at age 60. Your most realistic option is to book an outfitted hunt or buy an auction tag.

If merely daydreaming about a Goat hunt is good enough, then apply in draws. You could get lucky but odds are slim unfortunately. On the other hand, if actually hunting Goats is the only acceptable outcome, then break out the checkbook & make it happen!

From: otcWill
Very realistic odds for a nanny in Colorado. Little difference between a mature nanny and a good billy.

From: deerhaven
Very good thinking otcWill! Getting into goat country and experiencing it is the big thing in goat hunting. Most of us will not be able to do that forever. A lot of hunters have a hard time distinguishing a nanny from a billy. A nanny certainly will not be any easier to pursue and hunt. Tracker I can tell you what I know about the AK draw if you pm me. Also have a few guides I would recommend in AK.

From: deerhaven
By the way if you still insist on drawing a billy tag in the lower 48 it might be wise to find out what church Sethosu goes to and join it. You will need every bit of help you can get.

From: deerhaven
double post again! second one today not sure what the problem is.

From: sethosu
Drew CO this yr with 3 points. Drew MT with only 2. Anything is possible. Good Luck!

From: Abel
Alaska is probably your best odds. Lots of areas with lots of goats that don't require a draw, just go to the counter and get the tag. Certain areas you can take 2 a year.

From: Vids
Keep in mind that nonresidents need a guide to hunt goats in Alaska.

Going for a nanny tag would be your best bet. I know in Colorado they are easier to draw than billy tags. Not sure about other states though.

From: Bowboy
I'd save some funds and go to AK or BC!

From: DonVathome
Even a CO nanny, on 4th year applying, will be well under 5%. Keep in mind "average" guy has 10 weighted points (or more). So if you see 10 apps for 1 tag your 4th year will be closer to 100:1 not 10:1.

From: bradbear
I drew my Willard peak ut nanny tag my fifth year. Never know

From: Kurt
Has Colorado changed to nanny and billy tags? In the past they were either sex for goats (I last looked at regs in 2009) due to the difficulty in determining sex, especially for rifle seasons where goats are taken at longer yardage. We always had ram and ewe tags though.

From: Tracker12
Thanks for all the great news on my chance of drawing:( Guess you got to try I did draw an elk tag in UT a few years ago on a random draw tag.

From: CO Oak
"Even a CO nanny, on 4th year applying, will be well under 5%."

Not true. One NR nanny license had only one applicant with 3+ points this year...100%.

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