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APauls 29-Jun-15
drycreek 29-Jun-15
WV Mountaineer 29-Jun-15
Z Barebow 29-Jun-15
IdyllwildArcher 29-Jun-15
Charlie Rehor 29-Jun-15
Destroyer350 29-Jun-15
cityhunter 29-Jun-15
LUNG$HOT 30-Jun-15
From: APauls

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...never said anything about the wolf lovers...

From: drycreek
Don't bring a knife to a gunfight !

I have saw that one before. Makes one realize just how big and strong a wolf is watching them with that male coyote. It is nature. And, I reckon the yote felt the fear that the young of the year he has ran down did, right before the first wolf grabbed him. God Bless

From: Z Barebow
That will leave a mark! Ouch!

Watched this on NatGeo with my kids about a year ago. This was in Yellowstone. The story then followed the female yote.

Yotes have taken a hit since wolves were reintroduced. I think that yotes around the country are actually above traditional levels due to not having wolves around to "manage" them.

That's why we need to go wolf on them.

Personally, I'd rather take an arrow or a bullet than have five wolves bite me to death.

Idyl: Here in the NE the Yotes beat down the gray and red foxes much the same way when they reappeared after the whitetail came back!

From: Destroyer350
Crazy video. The comments are unreal. I don't think half of those people have even been outside before.

From: cityhunter
I think that female wolf from YNP is on my friends wall.

Yeah people amaze me with their comments. Dead dog is a good dog!

Destroyer- your right, most have either never been outside or definitely have never been in the woods. Totally misinformed.

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