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What is the latest that elk will bugle?
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Alabowma 29-Jun-15
NvaGvUp 29-Jun-15
bearhunter 29-Jun-15
AZBUGLER 29-Jun-15
tradmt 30-Jun-15
Alabowma 30-Jun-15
DonVathome 30-Jun-15
AndyJ 30-Jun-15
Bigdan 30-Jun-15
Ermine 30-Jun-15
gobbler 30-Jun-15
Rocking R 30-Jun-15
ToddT 30-Jun-15
huntforever 30-Jun-15
Smoke 01-Jul-15
From: Alabowma
Going to New Mexico on October 30th. Will the elk still be bugling?

From: NvaGvUp
Elk will bugle all year 'round. But except for late August - early October, it's far less frequent.

From: bearhunter
Heard one the other day.

Year round but many times they will bugle heavy sometimes through November.

From: tradmt
They completely stop Oct 29th. Sorry about your bad luck. :(

From: Alabowma

Hahaha I guess I'm out of luck!!! Oh well...

From: DonVathome
yes but not as much I hearem in December.

From: AndyJ
A friend of mine has video of a bull rounding up cows and bugling his head off in June. Call it early or late.

From: Bigdan
Oct 17th was the latest I ever called a bull in.

From: Ermine
I've heard elk bugle in April, July, and end of November.

From: gobbler
It's like gobblers. I've heard turkey gobble every month of the year. It's a vocalization and they can do it anytime they feel like it. However, it's much more frequent during the breeding period and they are more responsive to male or female calls during the breeding period.

From: Rocking R
Had quite a few bulls bugling on Friday night while I was working on my ranch. I hear them during turkey season, I hear them throughout the summer, during archery season, and I hear them during the late fall rifle seasons. The difference is that during August, September, and early October, the bugling is much more frequent and intense. Hope that helps.

From: ToddT
As has been mentioned, they can and will bugle year round. But I wouldn't center my hunting methods around hearing a bugle. I would be willing to bet you most likely won't hear a bugle. Again, you may, but I doubt it at that late of a date.

From: huntforever

huntforever's embedded Photo
huntforever's embedded Photo
In 2013 I hunted a late rifle season in NM. Oct 19-23rd. On the 22nd,I had at least 10 bulls in a drainage bugling nonstop all day long. I didn't even have to call. Needless to say, it was a very fun and productive hunt! Just depends on the estrus cycles of the cows.

From: Smoke
I find they bugle up to about 15 mins after sunset

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