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I am GPS Dumb
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I looked for old threads but couldn't find one. I've never had need for a GPS. I have been to CO elk hunting several times but my buddy always has his. I'd like to come out to WY again in a couple years and would like some input on how you guys look for public land.

I'm on a budget so not wanting top of the line. From what I've gathered I can get a nuvi with a chip and tell pretty well that way but do most of the roads in WY show up on this? Would handheld be better? Or both?

I'd appreciate any input.

From: Mike Vines
I have a Garmin 60 csx if you want a fantastic unit. I have always been a map and compass guy, and I'm going to stay that way. If you want a good price on this unit, send me a PM.

From: midwest
If I'm hunting public land, not having to steer around much private, I use my cheap yellow etrex. I can get to where I want to go and return to where I've been.

When I'm hunting around a lot of private ground, I have a 60 csx I bought used off of eBay cheap and put the onXmap chip in. It is worth its weight in gold for showing you exactly where the public and private is.

From: Bou'bound
I have a new garmin Oregon 650 that I just put on the classifieds. May be more than you want but it is a good deal on a great unit

From: greg simon
I'd say you definitely want a handheld for hunting. The nuvi is for driving, not much use in the field. Take a look at the Oregon 650, if you can navigate this site you can use it. Sounds like Bou might have just what you need!

From: bad karma
The $80 Garmin Etrex works very well. No maps, but maps are $10 or so. And you're set.

From: Joehunter
This-" I have a 60 csx I bought used off of eBay cheap and put the onXmap chip in. It is worth its weight in gold for showing you exactly where the public and and private is"

Thanks guys. It still may be awhile until I'm able to make a purchase but both on the classifieds look like great deals. The 60 csx looks good and might be in the price range. Let me do some sleeping on that.

I'll check out the onXmap chip. Any other good chips that are reasonably priced?

Thanks for the responses so far. Any other input is sure welcome.

From: Bullshooter
I have the same unit 60 csx. But I'm not selling it-get your own! But from what I read I think the next models like Oregon or Dakota have more capability to show you satellite images of where you are.

From: alce
Check out the Etrex 20 or Etrex 30 which are relatively cheap. Both take SD chip (Onyx Map). Turn it on and learn how to scroll to the map view page and that's all you really need to do at first to know where you are on the map. That's as complicated as it needs to be if you want, though you'll likely learn other functions over time.

Later, if you get bored (like I eventually did), you can mess around with doing GoogleEarth ortho image overlays and downloading shapefiles and a bunch of other crap that I do that is mostly unnecessary, but I do anyway cuz it's fun.

One thing I like about the Etrex is that no touch screen to break or give out in the field which seems to be a recurring theme from others I've noticed.

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