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SCI Foundation Gives Huge Grant to WSF!
Wild Sheep
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From: NvaGvUp
The biggest sportsman's hunting organization there is has given the Wild Sheep Foundation a Six Figure Contribution to further the conservation of wild sheep!


Because SCI recognizes that WSF is the best conservation organization in the world!

A HUGE "Thank You!" to SCI!!!!


JUNE 26TH 2015

Washington, DC -

Today, Safari Club International Foundation (SCI Foundation) and the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) announce their new partnership to cooperatively address high priority conservation needs of thinhorn sheep. To stimulate progress, the SCI Foundation Hunter Legacy Fund recently awarded a six-figure grant to contribute to WSF’s efforts.

The majority of this grant will be used to update Alaska’s management plan for Dall’s sheep, but it will also be used to meet other conservation needs throughout thinhorn range.

Updating Alaska’s management plan will provide consistent guidance to wildlife managers and operational criteria to Alaska’s Board of Game and Advisory Committees.

“Partnership with the WSF is a great example of how conservation organizations can work together on common goals,” said SCI Foundation President Joseph Hosmer. “We’ll accomplish far more for sheep and goats with a methodical, collaborative approach, and SCI Foundation and WSF hope to lead the way to success.”

In addition, funds granted to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game will receive a 3:1 match from Pittman Robertson dollars, a federal fund annually replenished by U.S. hunters from excise taxes paid on hunting equipment. These matching funds multiply the influence hunters have on wildlife conservation, proving that sustainable use organizations like SCI Foundation and WSF can truly make an impact.

“As the premier conservation organization advocating to “Put and Keep (wild) Sheep on the Mountain™,” the WSF is grateful for SCI Foundation’s recognition of our comprehensive conservation strategy for thinhorn sheep and their very generous financial support,” WSF President & CEO Gray N. Thornton stated. “We are proud to work hand in hand with SCI Foundation as conservation partners and teammates to conserve these iconic species not only in North America but around the globe.”

This is just the beginning of a long cooperative approach to wild sheep conservation. SCI Foundation hopes this partnership provides a model for future cooperative programs that SCI Foundation plans to pursue with other big game conservation groups."

From: kota-man

From: NvaGvUp

I an so proud and honored to be a part of the WSF family!

The progress I've seen since I came on the WSF board in 2007 has been astonishing.

We are family and many sportsman's organizations which have far larger membership bases than we do recognize WSF as the conservation model they want to learn from and follow.

From: LWood
That's great, Kyle. I'm glad to be a member of both organizations.

From: TEmbry
Will be interesting to see the outcomes of this when it comes to hunting regs up here in AK with such a heavy guide influence.

It's definitely a limited asset with seemingly unlimited demand.

Very good news indeed.

Good luck, Robb

Great news! More drinkers for the sheep!!

I won't disagree about the WSF being the greatest conservation organization in the world. Not my place. Kinda seems like the SCI might take that title. The SCI is a great Organization to be a member of if you consider yourself a hunter. Don't know how it would be possible to be a hunter without being a member really. God Bless

From: Mark Watkins
This is great news! Kudos to both organizations for identifying and implementing the synergies!!!


From: Jim in PA
WV Mountaineer, I won't disagree with you that everyone who considers themselves a hunter should be an SCI member, As far as hunters rights they win hands down. WSF is pretty good at what we do though. That being said ,working together is always better! Two weeks ago the WSF held the 8th annual Chapter and Affiliate Summit in Kelowna,BC. The very first one involved WSF Chapters. A year or two later affiliates like Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society, Arizona Desert Bighorn Society, Texas Bighorn and other like minded organizations attended. This year, In addition to SCIF, organizations like GOABC and BCWF joined in. The significance there is one is a BC Outfitter organization and one is a BC Resident hunter organization. If you follow what is going on in BC you know there is no love lost between them. And by the way the event was hosted by Wild Sheep Society of BC. Plus we also had MOGA ( Montana Outfitter Guide Association). There were more that I am missing. The point is all these groups are coming together for one purpose, to "Put and Keep Sheep on the Mountain". WSF has a solid Conservation Plan with some of the best people in the conservation business to bring things together. In spite of the issues wild sheep face the future for teamwork and cooperation is bright.

From: NvaGvUp
WV Mountaineer,

I'm a Life Member of SCI as well as WSF. But SCI has been more focused on Hunter's Rights, while WSF is lazer-focused on conservation.

Last year the head of SCI told us WSF was the model to follow for conservation. They wanted to learn from us and perhaps even partner with us on conservation projects. That's one of the reasons they gave us the grant.

Two great hunter supported organizations working together for conservation! Ya' gotta' love it.

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