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Kitten/Turkey Interaction
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Zim1 02-Jul-15
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From: Zim1

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Curious if anyone has viewed turkeys interacting with other critters before. Seen a few followed around by deer. This spring I had this kitten walk in front of my ground blind at 3 PM, and then go play in the grass across the field from me. A hen showed up and went straight to the kitten, and hung around for about 20 minutes, mostly right next to the cat within a foot or two. Then this other hen flew down right on top of them both. Never seen this behavior before in turkey.

From: Genesis
Watched deer and turkey touch noses a couple of times.I've seen a coyote walk through a flock of 80 hens once and the hens moving just enough to give him room to make it through them

From: Brian M.
I watched my cat stalk a doe in my yard. I'm pretty sure they touched noses, then the doe walked away.

From: writer
Didn't see it, but it sounded like a heck of a fight.

Six hens and a tom passed by out of range and out into the sandhills.

Sounded like a fight about 20 minutes later, and then six hens and a strutting peacock came back, headed towards their roost.

Also, this year I watched a big Canada goose try to run some hens off a corner of a soybean field. Hens eventually figured out they were far quicker than the goose and just moved around it and went back to pecking up dinner.

That hen has a nest close by She was watching the kitten to monitor where it went and tried to distract it by getting that close. God Bless

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