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Planning another trip to Alaska
Wild Sheep
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huntingbob 04-Jul-15
jims 05-Jul-15
Nick Muche 05-Jul-15
SteveB 05-Jul-15
sawtooth 05-Jul-15
CritterGetter 05-Jul-15
From: huntingbob
I went two years ago for moose on a drop camp and I was fishing around the web tonight. Looking to maybe combo a sheep hunt or bear hunt with another species. Any advice here? I was on the RMGA web site and saw some outfitters that do good stuff and wondering what kind of experience others have had on guided hunts? I am not chasing the last guide that has the last client that shot the biggest animal on there hunt. I am more about the experience than chasing the record. I seem to be happy with just being there doing what I love to do! The memories will last longer than anything in print! at least for me. Did you have a good hunt and did the outfitter do what they say and did they have a lot of add on cost's? Just asking for advice.

From: jims
If I was going to spend that kind of $ on a sheep hunt I would likely go to NWT. Dall plus caribou or moose in NWT would be a dream come true!

From: Nick Muche
Check out Jonah Stewart.

From: SteveB
Jonahx2 also Connor Halloran @ Alaska Rampage

From: sawtooth
Stoney River Lodge, Curly Warren.

Jonah x3. Feel free to pm, txt or call me about our hunts with him. 3176277782

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