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Anyone hunt in Zimbawe ?
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From: tonyo6302

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Anyone that has hunted in Zimbawe, just a post to let you know you could have been on a very candid camera.


Resorts secretly records and sells unsuspecting couples' sex tapes

An ex employee of a Bulawayo lodge has exposed several lodges in and around Bulawayo that install hidden cameras to record unsuspecting clients making love in the rooms.

According to, the anonymous former employee said the practice is predominantly done in Harare, but is slowly becoming more prevalent in most Bulawayo lodges and low class hotels.

The lodge owners, managers and/or staff are allegedly working with Nigerian men who pay as much as US$1000 for a week’s recordings

"The idea is being engineered by Nigerian business people who install the equipment in the rooms and capture unsuspecting clients in the act," said the man.

In some cases the owners of the lodges are not aware of the existence of the cameras as the Nigerians work with unscrupulous managers and staff at the lodges.

Most of the low class city lodges offer rest rooms for $5 per hour during the day and about $15 for a night. These lodges are targeted by the Nigerians as most clients using them will be in the company of sex workers.

Some sex workers are allegedly part of the arrangement and deliberately engage in "classic moves" to ensure the best footage.

From: R. Hale
What, corruption and vice in Zim? You must be kidding.:)

From: Bigpizzaman
HA! No worries here, hunt yes SEX HELL NO!! Not that Brave!!

From: gobbler
I know I shouldn't have invited that baboon into the hut for a drink that night.

From: Gazi
My wife and I stayed at the Bulawayo Club on our last two trips to Zimbabwe. If anyone paid money for the video, I'll apologize in advance! you way over paid! :-).

From: HighLife
Christ I hope they weren't out West in sheep country.

From: t-roy
Out West....."Where the men are men & the sheep are nervous"

From: writer
Kinda adds a new meaning to "dangerous game?"

From: Cottonwood88
Nigeria...the armpit of Africa

From: Toby
I am planning to go in 2017, let´s see how it goes

From: tonyo6302

Ensure you and the Missus read the Manscaping thread prior to any movies.


From: Toby
ja,ja,ja. Do you know if they pay you well?

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