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Free videos about caribou hunting
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coyote 10-Jul-15
coyote 10-Jul-15
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From: coyote
I did a Quebec caribou hunt in 2001 and to get mentally prepared I obtained some videos about hunting caribou in Canada. I had a very successful hunt and know I won't be going back. Doing some housecleaning and starting to "minimize" in my old age.

So . . . . I'm offering the following tapes to anyone who wants them. There is a catch. They are VCR tapes ( for you younger folks you'll need to Google to find out what they are).

Caribou Odyssey Extreme Bowhunting Quebec Caribou Adventures of Hunting Trophy Caribou Caribou Adventures A tape made by Greg Bonecutter about how to cape a caribou

I'll throw in a bonus: Hunting Goat Country

I'll send these to the first person who responds. You will need to send me $10 to cover shipping.

Send me a pm or better still email me at:

From: coyote
The videos have been claimed.


From: JTreeman
What is a VCR again?

Hell, pretty soon they won't even know what a DVD is (or was)!


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