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2 bou tags one set of tag bags enough?
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From: razorsharp
I'd rather have extras than not enough. Thoughts?

From: Bou'bound
always better to have extras than not enough

From: rtkreaper
What are tag bags? Rory

From: Mossyhorn
you'll need two sets.

From: razorsharp
T.A.G. bags. are synthetic game bags, pretty awesome. Looking for the B.O.M.B. (boned out meat bag) set but they are out of stock everywhere I have looked.


BOWUNTR's embedded Photo
BOWUNTR's embedded Photo
Grab two of these. They make one just for caribou and you can buy them almost anywhere up there. 4 bags in each pack and inexpensive too... less than $20. Another consideration is having the bags at a manageable weight (50#) for packing and the bush flight. I would never try to stuff one caribou in one or two bags. Ed F

From: elkmtngear

Take 4 pair of size 4X panty hose for your "spares"

They will weigh maybe 6 ounces...and take up no room.

And, they will get the job done!

Best of Luck, Jeff

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