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clothes for Newfoundland in sept.
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From: HunterTroy
Hello, what type of hunting clothing do you guys recomend for a mid September moose hunt in Newfoundland. I have a ton of cold gear but not much for 65° weather? Any recommendations would be appreciated. Also do most guys wear the same outfit all 6 days?

From: HunterTroy

From: mountainman
I just wore light, uninsulated camo most days. On chilly mornings I'd wear a light insulting layer on my legs.

I carried a jacket and a warm head cover to wear while we glassed. And of course, good rain gear for when you need it.

I switched pants mid week and shirts every 2 days. All depends on how much weight you are allowed. Is this a fly in hunt?

From: HunterTroy
Thanks for the info. Yes it's a fly in hunt and he would like us to keep our gear to a max of 60 lbs

From: Elkguide27
Here is a list of what I'm taking on my Fly in moose hunt Oct 1-8th in Newfoundland I have had great luck with this setup up many times In Wyoming and Montana Mid September into Mid November

Base Layer's First Lite Llano long sleeve First Lite Chama hoodie First lite Red dessert boxer First lite Aleghany bottoms

Insulation Layer Core4 Elevation down jacket Sitka Travers quarter zip Sitka Jetsream lite vest

Soft Shell/Outerwear Predator Adrenalin Jacket Sitka Ascent Jacket Sitka Mountain Pants Sitka Timberline Pants

Waterproof Layer First Lite Stormtight Jacket and Pants

Footwear/Socks Darn Tough over the calf socks 5 pair Lacrosse AlphaBurly boots Muck woodymax boots

Headwear/Gloves Hoyt fleece beanie First lite beanie Mnt Ops ball cap Sitka traverse gloves First lite shooters gloves

Optics. Swarovski 10x50 el

Pack/ Pack acc. Kuiu Icon 5200 Source 100oz water bladder Katadyn Hiker pro water filter Caribou Gear Game bags Kuiu pack rain cover Small First aid/survival kit Havalon knives/ Outdoor edge swingblade 3 large garbage bags for pack

From: turkeyhunter
Weather in NF can change with the was in the high 40s to 50s in places the other day. September 14th week last season we seen rain, snow and temperatures of 36 degrees with high winds. Take good boots....if you take Muck Boots bring a few patch kits for the holes that will happen to the rubber section of the boot.

From: Sage Buffalo
I hunted in October and the temps were in mid-70s. I hunted a couple years ago in November and the temps were in the 60s.

We also had a couple freak rain showers.

I would have more warm gear than cold gear but be prepared for some cold weather. Follow the weather right before you leave to really guide your choices.

All I can say is be in shape. You might get lucky and score early but if not you will have to hike. The country I hunted was a mix of easy and ridiculously difficult because of the tuckamore.

Good luck! Who you going with?

From: HunterTroy
Thanks for all the info. I'll be going with Bob Efford

From: mountainman
Efford is an outfit I looked at. I ended up going with someone else. But I heard good things about him.

From: kota-man
You definately want good rain gear, because you could end up living in it. My last trip (I've made 4 trips to the Island), I went with Sitka Cold Front set. It doubled as my softshell and rain gear eliminating one piece of gear. I lived in my rain gear on two of the four trips.

When given the choice I would rather take a softshell AND rain gear, however when space is at a premium and there is a good chance I'll be living in my rain gear, I like to go with a piece that can do both. For me, the Cold Front can do it all and was made for places like the Pacific North West and Newfoundland.

I would take a pair of regular hunting pants and a pair of pants that can double as rain gear. Take a couple baselayers and a good mid layer. (I'll be using the new Sitka Core layers with a Merino Mid layer and a Sitka Travers Mid Layer)

Don't skimp and take good stuff. It can make or break the hunt.

Great advice! Just remember you will likely be in a toasty lodge every night so re-grouping your gear is a lot easier than on a camping hunt! Enjoy the Rock! C

I always take and use two pairs of boots!

From: Katahdin
If you are in a lodge with electricity a set of boot driers will be useful.

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