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Moose antler Characteristics??
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jtelarkin08 21-Jul-15
IdyllwildArcher 21-Jul-15
TEmbry 21-Jul-15
bigbuck 21-Jul-15
From: jtelarkin08
The moose antler spread thread got me thinking.. After looking at all the pics one thing i noticed is that most of the Alaska bulls have really good fronts/browtines.. The shiras and Canadian bulls all seem to be hit or miss with fronts..

Is there anything to this?? Do Moose as you move towards the Yukon/Alaska tend to have better fronts.. Or is it completely random??

I really like the looks of good fronts on a bull and i am hoping i can find a good one in BC this year.. But this is my first moose hunt so I won't be to picky... HAHA

They get more everything the farther north you go.

From: TEmbry

TEmbry's embedded Photo
TEmbry's embedded Photo
It's just regional from what little I have picked up researching areas. Obviously they just get bigger overall the farther north you head (AK moose dwarf Colorado moose).. That said, there are many areas in AK where finding a 4 brow bull is a VERY hard feat. You basically have to go by spread only in these areas which can be tough if you are judging a bull right around that 50" mark.

Here are two bulls from an undisclosed area in AK that is well known for not having 4 brows even though that is the legal limit (besides spread). Out of 10 bulls at the air taxis place, none had 4 brows. These two went 68" and 74". The 68 is much more impressive than the 74" despite being only a 2 brow bull. Can't always go strictly by brows, or strictly by spread when judging an animal.

From: bigbuck
I would venture to guess that it is more in genetics then anything else of course they need to live long enough to reach there full genetic potential

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