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I think I picked the wrong unit
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I had been looking for an antelope unit that mostly public and had a low hunter density.

after researching I decided to apply for WY unit 69. I had previously hunted unit 25 several times and had killed antelope but I hated the amount of hunters on the limited public land.

What I missed is that inside of part of 69 is a large HMA (hunter management area) the rattlesnake mountain HMA.

the kicker is the Rattlesnake mountain HMA doesn't allow archery hunting. which cuts off a large section of the unit to me as a bowhunter.

my question to all of you WY folks is can I hunt the BLM and state land with archery equipment prior to the sept. 15th start date to the HMA hunt?

Also does anyone have any experience hunting in 69?

From: gobbler
Years ago a friend and I hunted 69 for antelope. We hunted private land for a small trespass fee. I'm sure it's more now. Lots of really nice antelope when we hunted it. We both got 15+ inch goats first day.

From: Blakes
Yep, BLM and State lands are open to archery antelope hunting.

From: smithkt55
There are thousands of acres of public land and walk in areas in that unit.

You would be surprised how many LO will let you hunt antelope for free. They see them more as a nuisance, not like deer or elk.

If you see a nice buck or herd on private its worth knocking on the door to find out.

Also if you do pay a trespass, its usually minimal for the inconvenience.

From: bad karma
Wyoming is like going back to a friendlier time. Once the landowners know you'll treat them and their property with respect, you'll be amazed at how kind they are.

It is a great state with even better people. I hunt there every year, and love every minute of it.

Thanks for the replies.

Bad Karma- I would agree with you. Some of the nicest people I have met have been in WY.

From: midwest
Ditto on the Wyoming residents. Some really great people!

From: southpaw
I disagree I'm pretty sure you picked a good unit tell us how it goes when you get back!!!

From: elkstabber
Anyone - why would a Wyoming hunter management area not allow bowhunting? I'm sorry if it's been discussed but I honestly don't understand. Thanks.

From: midwest
The landowner can set certain rules on the HMA.

A few ranches I inquired about for trespass fee hunting several years ago would not allow bowhunting for whatever reason, either.

From: elkstabber
Thanks midwest. Okay, so the HMA isn't state owned. Because it's privately owned the landowner makes the decision. Got it. Don't like it but I got it.

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