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What state has 1st Pronghorn season?
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Medicinemann 23-Jul-15
Zackman 23-Jul-15
NvaGvUp 23-Jul-15
Dakota 23-Jul-15
nijimasu 23-Jul-15
Paul@thefort 25-Jul-15
Nick Muche 25-Jul-15
sitO@play 25-Jul-15
TD 26-Jul-15
rockn9858 30-Jul-15
Medicinemann 31-Jul-15
From: Medicinemann
My first bowhunt of the Fall is for Pronghorn Antelope. I always enjoy reading about others successes chasing speed goats, and I was wondering what state has the earliest Pronghorn archery season? I am hoping that some successful archers will be posting antelope photos soon...just to ramp up my anticipation even more.....

From: Zackman
Nevada opens on August 1. I will be there for the opener trying to find a nice lope. I hope to be able to post an early pic for you Jake...

From: NvaGvUp
I also will be chasing speed goats here in NV starting a week from Saturday.

From: Dakota

Dakota's Link
We are booked up this year but are a bowsite sponsor and if you're looking for next year we sure might be able to help you out.

From: nijimasu
Idaho is August 15 and my daughter and I have tags!

From: Paul@thefort

Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Colorado also on the Aug 15 for bucks and then bucks and does after Sept 1.

From: Nick Muche
Niji, I wish you and her all the luck in the world! Can't wait for pictures!

Good luck Jake!

From: sitO@play
Great pic Paul, I've seen that "look" many times!

From: TD
Do believe AZ cranks up around the 15th as well..... =D

Good luck my friend. Great effort and patience for those tags....

Nigi, a few years ago was into pronghorns every day in ID, mid sept at 9000 feet.... on an elk hunt. Was pretty wild, watching all their action all day long till that big buck's tongue was hanging out.... wouldn't have been too hard to get on him in a few spots, but no tags... maybe next time.... we got our elk in the same area.

From roughly one small area with a spotting scope you could have seen elk, mule deer, antelope, black bear, mountain goat and moose, which we did over the course of the hunt. Incredible place.

From: rockn9858
august 15 NM archery

From: Medicinemann
So it sounds like Nevada has the earliest archery season for Pronghorn.....

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