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Boots for Colorado hunt
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From: CoyoteCrazy
Having never hunted Colorado before, I'm hoping to get some knowledgable recommendations for some boots. I will be going on a mountain lion hunt in December. It will be in west central Co. Being a flat lander, I don't know what to look for in a good boot for hunting this terrain. Educate me please.

I use both 400 gr. and 1000 gr. waterproof boots depending on temperature. Make sure they are broke in and comfortable.

From: Team3t
400 gr. seems to be enough with some good wool socks. I hunt in my lowas yer round.

From: CoyoteCrazy
Would you get leather or nylon uppers and which soles?

From: ilandhunter
When I hunted my cat in West central Colorado, I spent 80% of my time on either atv or snowmobile. Snow is important, use a boot that will keep your feet warm and dry. You do not typically put many miles on your boots on a cat hunt


MTNRCHR's embedded Photo
MTNRCHR's embedded Photo
I wear 400 gram kennetreks with ice spikes. Traction is difficult climbing a snowy mountain side. spikes look like pic...

From: CoyoteCrazy
Ended up going with the Keindl Denalis. While in Cabelas I went to get some snow gators. I didn't realize there were different heights and features. Which ones do I get for western Colorado?

From: oldgoat
Get the tall ones, might not need them or they might not be enough! And like mntnrcher said, have traction devices for your boots, that could very well be imperative . Google Kahtoola.

From: CoyoteCrazy
I thought the tall would be my best bet. Cabelas has Sitka brand that. Fit really snug or the black Cabelas brand that seem looser. One has a strap and plastic buckle at the top, the other has an elastic pull cord. Both have a small strap with metal buckle to go under the boot. I'm sure I'm over thinking this but is one any better than the other?

By the way, thanks for all the help and suggestions. It really is appreciated. Johnny

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