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congrats lost lefty on your article
Mountain Goat
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g5smoke21 24-Jul-15
Bou'bound 25-Jul-15
SteveB 25-Jul-15
g5smoke21 25-Jul-15
LostLefty 25-Jul-15
From: g5smoke21
Congrats Brian on your published article on your published article on your goat hunt with troy at beaverfoot outfitting. It has me pumped to hunt with troy in 2017. Bou i know you would like to read it since your going in 16. Its a great article.

From: Bou'bound
yes i did and the article was very well done

From: SteveB
Which publication?

From: g5smoke21
Bowhunter mag

From: LostLefty
Thanks guys! It has always been a dream of mine to have an article published in Bowhunter Magazine. I have been reading every month for 25 years.

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