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JackPine Acres 27-Jul-15
smarba 27-Jul-15
Medicinemann 27-Jul-15
Treeline 27-Jul-15
JackPine Acres 28-Jul-15
What have you done with your Aoudad Sheep after harvest? What do they taste like?

From: smarba
IMO taste great; very mild. But tough as a board. Grind everything (even backstrip & tenderloin) into burger. Rams, ewes both very good.

From: Medicinemann
If that tough, buy a jaccard meat tenderizer.....then marinate. The combination of physical and chemical tenderizing will do the trick.

From: Treeline
Mild taste, but tough. Burger, jerky, or slow cooked BBQ like brisket over a mesquite fire (add strips of bacon when you wrap it up in foil - yummy!)

Thanks for the info! Sounds like I'll make lots of Italian sausage links if I harvest one next spring.

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