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Giant python captured in Everglades N.P.
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From: tonyo6302

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Another 18 footer.

Story at the link.

From: Bake
"Everglades National Park spokeswoman Linda Friar told CBS that the snake was eventually humanely euthanized."

Where's the media outrage over the "murder" of this poor snake???

&*%*&^%*(& hypocrites!!!!

From: smarba
If this snake had been named "Sir Hiss" and had a collar...then there would be outrage!!!

That beast would make a nice belt...for Oprah.

Laughin at myself, because I'm hilarious...:)

From: bnt40
Ghost, now that is funny right there LOL.

From: Medicinemann
Bake X 2

From: cityhunter
I love herps ! if allowed in the record books it would fetch at least 50.k

From: South Farm
The comment about Oprah was uncalled for Ghost...especially considering how she was just arrested for drug possession...apparently they found 200# of crack in her underwear..:)

As for the snake, can't say as its demise saddens me in the least bit; I hate snakes.

From: JTV
"Humanely euthanized" ..... that means a hatchet to the head/DECAPITATION !, the poor critter...this should be front page news....where's the wreathes and the snake condolence cards.....

From: LBshooter
Snakes are not cuddly so there fore the lies don't mind if they are killed. In addition, they said they humanely put it down. All I know is that I have a couple a recurves would look great with Python skins on item.

From: cityhunter
if that snake got a hold of you it could easily choke you out

From: Owl
It has to have fur to be a treasured existence.

From: spike78
I agree Bake. What makes a lions life any more important than this pythons? Im sure a zoo somewhere would have taken it. I happen to like snakes probably cuz everyone hates them.

From: Sandbagger
What do you feed an 18 foot python in a zoo?

From: Hackbow
"What do you feed an 18 foot python in a zoo?"

unnamed lion cubs

From: Salagi

Salagi's Link
Evidently the range of big snakes are expanding. ;)

From: AndyJ
"What makes a lions life any more important than this pythons? "

Just saying, pythons are an exotic species in the everglades and one they are trying to eradicate. The "humanely euthanized" comment is rediculous. Shot in the head at a distance would have been far more humane than messing with it and stressing it out until they humanely euthanized it.

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