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From: JTV
The President of the United Sportsmans Alliance(USSA) Nick Pinizotto was on both CBS and CNN today with comments about that damn lion.... here is part of what was said...

"While the facts of the case Are still coming in, we are certainly concerned by the reports. No self respecting conservation organization would condone poaching, but we are concerned about the "crazed" rush to judgement we see playing in the media, by celebrities on social media, and animal rights organizations. This mob mentality is simply unacceptable and in some cases can be dangerous as it to threats of harm or even death.

"It is disappointing to see hunting once again come under fire in the media, but it further illustrates the ensuring of the important facts about hunting and wildlife management that are readily available to the masses. Reasonable people who are given good information will be far less likely to let misguided information cloud their judgement about the importance of hunting to wildlife and conservation".....

I thought he did a good job....maybe some one could provide links to these interviews from USSA/CNN/CBS...I'm lousy at doing links......

From: INbowdude

From: gobbler
Good, somebody should present our side of the story. Nobody is going to change the antis mind but hopefully reasonable intelligent non hunters can be presented the truth.

From: writer
Good stuff.

I'm starting to hear the same from some middle-of-the-road folks who are shocked at the depths of the outrage.

Nick Pinizotto is a good man. I've know him for awhile, even before he became the head of the USSA. His roots are from here in southwestern PA. We even hunted the same property together for 3 years and he was a big help in recovering the largest buck I ever shot.

He's a great representative for all hunters.

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