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See, this is the funny part
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From: JayG@work

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The people of Zim don't know of, or even care about Cecil the Lion, or any other lion. To them, it is either a means of income, or an animal that will kill their livestock. The only people who care about poor Cecil, are these left wing freaks here in this country. Screw them and all those like them. Just my two cents. Jay

P.S. not saying anything about the use of an X-gun either.

From: writer
Nice find, Jake. Thanks.

I'll be sharing that with co-workers. :-)

From: Bigpizzaman
Good Post Jay,

Africa has WAY more problems than"CECIL" and by us giving "CECIL" so much attention and so little to the real problems, well it doesn't help our standing in that part of the world. But considering the state of our forgein policy right now it's on "PAR"!

From: Huntcell
As one liberal commentator put it "this story of Cecil is reminder of 400 years of white domination of Africa "

Say what?

From: writer
Right....wonder who's doing most of the poaching?

From: drycreek
Who else has noticed that Africa started going to hell shortly after the great Mandela came to the forefront ?

Apparently us white folks are the ruination of the whole damn world ! This type of thinking pisses me off so much that it's a wonder I can remain the friendly, loveable cuss that I am.

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