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Got my moose arrows done!
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From: dhaverstick
Well, I finally got my arrows finished for the 2015 season in general and my September moose hunt in particular. Yeah, I know they're a little loud but I like an arrow that I can see and that's easy to find. I would rather break one as lose one! I guess because I've got so much time invested in making them. I picked pink as the primary color because it's one of the few colors not occurring naturally in the fall.  photo 2015Arrows-1_zpsidxajtv1.jpg

I tried several new things on this batch and have been pleased with the results so far. The first thing that I did differently was change my shaft material. I have used ash for a decade or more but it is hard to find now so I got some maple shafts from Forrester Wood Shafts. Kevin has all sorts of neat hardwoods to choose from and he makes an excellent product. The grain was tight on all of the shafts and they were very straight.

The second thing I did for the first time was try my hand at marble cresting. I haven't perfected the technique yet but the results were passable.  photo 2015Arrows-2_zpsorfoshxt.jpg  photo 2015Arrows-5_zpswdzu6qei.jpg

I did a little flame cresting on these arrows too. I don't know why more people don't do this. I think it looks really cool.  photo 2015Arrows-3_zpszy8grlg2.jpg  photo 2015Arrows-4_zpstkp9aabi.jpg

The last thing I did was change broadheads. I have used the 200 grain Ace Super Express broadheads for years but I was concerned about tip curling if I hit a moose bone. So I did some research and decided to try the 190 grain Cutthroats by Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear. They are a single- bevel head machined out of a single piece of steel so there is no weld or braze to possibly fail. They also come with a lifetime guarantee - if they bend or break they will be replaced.

These arrows finished out a little heavier than I thought they would - a whopping 812 grains! But I've been shooting them for the past couple days and they fly well. My first shot at 31 yards, I hit a clay bird I had hanging up. I felt pretty good about that! Now I just need to hit a moose.


You da Man! Well done and have a great hunt! C

From: Bou'bound
very pretty

From: climb.on
What exactly is "Flame Cresting" and how do you do it?

From: Bowartist
beautiful work Darren! Never hurts to have some good Mojo on your arrows. Makes me want to give up on the yard work and get to arrow makin'!

From: bowbender77
Kool lookin flights ! Good luck on your hunt.

From: Gene

They look great Darren. Can't wait to see one with bloody fletchings!

From: GhostBird
Love 'em... be sure we see a bloody one!

From: Bowboy
Very nice! You sure you want to shoot them!

Wow--that took some time and patience.

Good luck, Robb

From: dhaverstick
Thanks, all! Climb.on, flame cresting is done with a butane torch and the flame cresting templates made by Shriver Archery. You can still buy them from Kustom King Archery (


From: rooster
Very cool!

From: CurveBow
Nice work. We all hope to see one spoiled with crimson!


From: Elkguide27
lookin sweet, Good luck!!

From: Lone Bugle
They are awesome!!

From: Paul@thefort
Just visualize that clay bird on the side of that big moose and its done. Good luck and have fun.

Oh, nice arrows.

my best, Paul

From: Billlmo
WOW! Great job Darren - can see those in the dark.

From: SixLomaz
Really nice work. Now you have to learn how to shoot instinctively at below 20 feet distance when all you see is a big furry surface in front of you. Forget peep and sight or you have a very good chance to wound or miss the animal.

Hint: Aim by using the tip of the arrow as reference point.

From: LINK

From: Bear Track
I too shoot pink feathers. Lots of work went into those arrows for sure. Sunglasses needed? Joking of course. Very nice.

From: boothill
Those are beautiful....I would be so mad at myself if I lost one of those though. Will be interesting to see what they look like after passing thru a moose. Good Luck

From: dhaverstick
SixLomaz, I shoot a longbow so I don't have a peep and sight to worry about :)


From: deerman406
Try powder blue, studies show it is one of the easiest colors picked out by the human eye when in an outdoor setting. Shawn

From: WallHanger
The detail and creativity on these arrows is outstanding! When I first started fletching arrows I remember my dad coming in behind me and peeling the fletchings easily off my beautifully fletched arrows saying "every arrow gets the same amount of attention son!" Then walk me back through the steps to make sure they were perfect. Your arrows show some amazing attention to detail, good luck on your hunt!

From: DiamondD
Those are beautiful. Outstanding job!

From: TD
"marble cresting" do you drip paints into paint without mixing and then drip onto the shaft as is slowly rotates or something like that? Pretty cool.

Beautiful arrows. I don't think I could shoot em after building something like that....scared I'd bust it.

From: JohnB
Nothing wrong with American craftsman like yourself good job!

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