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Ashamed PT II
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JayG@work 02-Aug-15
writer 02-Aug-15
LBshooter 03-Aug-15
TD 03-Aug-15
scentman 03-Aug-15
Backpack Hunter 03-Aug-15
From: JayG@work
The Detroit Lions get killed every weekend and there are no protests or calling for anyone's head. Is it because we have become so used to the murder of our own domestic Detroit Lions that is has become expected, or are we just hypocrites? ;-) Jay

From: writer
Will be using that against a boss who was raised in Detriot. :-)

( I know....)

From: LBshooter
That's funny. However, where is all the outrage for the hundreds of dead each weekend due to gang violence? One lion is shot and it goes world wide outrage, 27 shot in Chicago on a Friday night and no big deal, sad statement .

From: TD
So when the Pack blow em up this year..... can ya go back and find out if the Pack had their quota and hang Aaron Rodgers???

From: scentman
Same can be said for Buffalo... Bills that is. RIP Van Miller.

As a life long Detroit Lions fan....ouch.

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