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Hip boot question for Alaska
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rvrbtmarcher 05-Aug-15
elmer@laptop 05-Aug-15
Hugh 05-Aug-15
From: rvrbtmarcher
I'm Going to Alaska mid September to do my best to bring one of those amazing creatures home. My question is insulated or uninsulated hip boots? I think I've made my mind up to take lacrosse rubber ankle fit hip boots but thought I would ask some of you guys that have been there done that.

From: elmer@laptop
I would suggest lightly insulated. Temps can go down into the teens, or be into the 70's. But usually are in the 30's to 50's. Waters will be cold. If you get cold feet your trip will be miserable.

From: Hugh
Im no expert, but I do live up here. I think your question boils down to where you are hunting. There are many areas up here where you wouldn't need hip boots and others where chest waders would be better. I have the same Lacrosse boots, uninsulated. Ive used them in places. I also use my Xtra Tuffs for different areas. But for my float trip next month, Im taking fleece pants and wearing chest waders and wader boots.

Hip boots are heavy if you don't need them. Are you backpacking, floating, flying, ATV's?

Also, if you are going guided, ask your guide what he recommends.

Either way, whatever you buy, be sure to stomp around the neighborhood in them and check for hotspots. Be sure to bring moleskin.

Good luck

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