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webfoot 05-Aug-15
Treeline 06-Aug-15
Hugh 06-Aug-15
Hugh 06-Aug-15
BO-N-ARO 06-Aug-15
From: webfoot
any input on aoudad hunt! were do i start, looking for good quality animal , good hide,,,,

From: Treeline
Tough critter to get with a bow anywhere. Getting a big ram is really, really tough with a bow in open range country. Heck, they are tough to get with a high-powered rifle!

Tough to hunt in the big desert country with a bow - but the most rewarding. If you can get any aoudad out there with a bow, you have earned your spurs...

Easier in the Hill Country of Texas but more of a sit in a stand and shoot one coming in to feed. Usually a high-fence type of deal. Totally different kind of hunt.

There are a lot of hunts in West Texas that are real hunts and a lot of fun. If you do some looking on the internet, there are a couple of guys that will let you do a hunt on a trespass fee basis - unguided.

New Mexico is another option. You can go in some areas on an OTC tag and others are draw only. You can go on public land DIY or guided but private land guided is probably the best bet.

From: Hugh
Look up "mulie mike" on accurate He has some free range hunts. There are some low fence hunts in the hill country as well. Check out, they may have some leads. As a last resort, try some taxidermists, like Rhodes Brothers in Kerrville, Gary Broach is the owner, he may know of someone.


From: Hugh
06-Aug-15 Mike 915-328-0645 (Call or Text) ** When booking you will deal with me directly**

From: BO-N-ARO
06-Aug-15 These guys will guarantee a shoot at a ram. All spot a stalk and they are loaded with sheep. Other exotics available and all free range. Great lodge and food.

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