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Zimbabwe- New Policy on Hunting
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From: Buffalo1

Buffalo1's Link
Just got this update in a SCI news update.

What will the airlines do with their policy now since they knee jerked?

Hunting is a $100M per year revenue for Zimbabwe. They knew the photo hunters could not generate this type of revenue.

15,000 hunters go to Africa each year- can the airlines stand to lose this many seat and crate revenue per year?

From: Bigpizzaman
No more hunting of iconic Lions???

HMMM, kinda makes me wander about a few things and people.

FWIW, I never saw where they banned it at all. Just that a hunter needed permission to bow hunt those animals. God Bless

From: sureshot
Might need to use more visible tagging on those iconic animals to make them more readily identifiable.

From: drycreek
Yeah, Sureshot, paint 'em pink or something.

From: t-roy

Is that stat of 15,000 hunters correct? I would think the numbers would be much higher.

"No more hunting of iconic Lions???"

WTF are they gonna do? Make a "no-shoot" list? Lol!

That line was to save face only and cannot result in any tangible restriction.

From: writer
Nice of SCI to finally show up....

From: sitO
True Mike, they've been awfully quite and this was announced yesterday at noon...maybe they were "out mending fences"?

From: Barty1970
Or mebbe someone somewhere in Mugabe's office has been paid off?

From: indiana35
Barty1970... corruption in Zimbabwe... stop.... no.... tell me it isn't so...

From: Barty1970
'Fraid so Indiana35...Old Man Bob has obviously strayed from the path of Communist-inspired righteousness

From: Buffalo1

I have read so much on this African lion thing that my brain hurts. I read in something that 15,000 hunters travel to Africa per year to hunt.

I have trying to equate that to dollars for equipment for a hunt, gun, bow, bullets, arrow, clothing, luggage, cases, etc. Then airfare, lodging, food, hunt cost, taxidermy cost, crate shipment cost, export & import of crate cost, etc. That ads up to a lot of money. I would think that more pressure could be exerted by related hunting providers & African outfitters to stop all of this anti hunting nonsense about African hunting.

From: Pat C.
OU OU OU iv know we give them all name tags to wear around there necks. That way we'll know who to shoot and who not to shoot. Because lions lives matter!!

From: cityhunter
100million ? between 15,000 hunters makes no sense

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