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DSC's Lion response
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Bake 13-Aug-15
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KJC 13-Aug-15
Medicinemann 13-Aug-15
B N A A guy 13-Aug-15
gobbler 13-Aug-15
IdyllwildArcher 13-Aug-15
Beendare 13-Aug-15
Bullhound 13-Aug-15
Charlie Rehor 13-Aug-15
Bou'bound 13-Aug-15
Buffalo1 13-Aug-15
gobbler 13-Aug-15
writer 13-Aug-15
Rut Nut 14-Aug-15
From: Bake

Bake's Link

From: smarba
Well said.

From: Bear Track
Yes, extremely well said.

From: KJC
Well, you can't argue with facts!....Oh wait.....

From: Medicinemann
I just wish that I could watch the computer keeps going into a holding pattern as soon as Ben Carter introduces himself.....

From: B N A A guy
Well done video. It never ceases to amaze me how the bleeding hearts of the anti hunting public can so easily and willingly over look with zero interest THE FACTS!!

That being said I fear this black eye given to us all will not be healing anytime soon in the public's eye. Glad to see DSC put this out in the world. Perhaps it will do some good!!

Good luck in 2015 Bowsiters!!!

Best regards, Scott Alberda

From: gobbler
Very good presentation

Very well done.

I'm glad they stuck with just the facts and didn't even try to address the lion that was killed as it's a non-starter and irrelevant to the big picture.

From: Beendare
Kudos to DSC....well done

From: Bullhound
The only thing that could have made it better, would be if it was earlier.

As usual the main stream media has picked up and moved on! In this case it's a good thing. Attention span is very short these days!

From: Bou'bound
the media has moved on, yes, but I can tell you in 30+ years of hunting I have never had the number of inquiries, challenges, and requests for my opinion on any hunting related issue that that damn lion generated. they were coming right and left from the right and left, friend, foe, family, etc.

that story really did leave a mark like nothing I have seen in the past. it's nice people have moved on to other headlines, but don't think for a minute the lion story does not remain burned in people's memories to be dredged up when something prompts them to think about hunting.

From: Buffalo1
It ain't over yet. The trial is set to begin on 9/28, so the subject will be revisited at that time..

I agree with Bou, I have never been so bombarded with questions from people who knew that I had hunted Africa. The people included all three camps - hunters, non-hunters and anti-hunters.

What blew some minds when they asked my opinion on the matter was when I told them that I had no opinion about the matter. I told them that the issue contained a lot of misinformation and lack of information. The normal response was, "Oh ?"

SCI and DSC may have been slow to respond and many would have liked a faster rebuttal, but I think they probably know more about the matter than the average Joe and they are working behind the scenes where it counts to help the hunters in the long run. This incident is not their first "anti-hunting rodeo."

From: gobbler
I agree Buffalo. Most of the time it's better to get the facts before you give a response rather than make a knee jerk reaction like the media did.

well said

From: writer
X2 Bullhound and Bou.

They should have stepped up while the topic was hot. Antis took full advantage of it, and a lot of damage has been done. It danged sure stirred more emotion than any hunting story in many years, thanks to only one side giving their story.

Buff...I'm not an "Average Joe" when it comes to journalism or dealing with antis. :-)

From: Rut Nut
Just saw a preview- gonna be the main story on 20/20 tonight. (ABC) 10pm

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