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Yukon vs. B.C. for Moose
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EJG 21-Aug-15
From: EJG
Hi. I don't post much but I lurk many times daily for the last 15 years and would appreciate some help in preparation for researching a moose hunt in either Yukon, N.W.T., or B.C. . I've tried researching all the old threads i could find on bowsite and elsewhere but I am still looking for more first hand experience between the areas before I actually start talking with outfitters directly. I am also interested in opinions on outfitters, though i have again researched all the old threads but hopefully people have some new experiences to offer. Everything I have read for the last 15-20 years about hunts in these regions says a hunt in one of these areas is definitely what I am looking for in a moose hunt, but I just don't have a great understanding of some of the details on the difference between the two areas.

Generally I think I am someone who can find a 'great hunt' in a lot more than a successful kill or particular animal size, though those are obviously nice. I've just started but it feels like this decision is going to be a lot harder than other hunt decisions I've made before, so I'd appreciate any generic advice on how others have made there final selection in choosing an outfitter. Usually my daily visits to bowsite make certain outfitters for a species stand out as a good fit for me the few times i have been on guided hunts. It almost seems like there are too many great choices for a hunt of this nature based on my initial research.

Fantastic mountainous scenery, a physically challenging hunt, variety of species sightings, guides and outfitter with good personalities are all very important to me. It seems like all the areas offer moose well within the size that would make me happy so i am more interested in understanding what i might expect in terms of archery shot opportunity %. Are hunts in the yukon generally offer more game sightings and better chance for archery harvest, in addition to larger moose, or are you mostly paying for the size of moose being larger on average? Is it that much more remote and wilderness adventure vs B.C.?

I am also trying not to get ahead of myself with regards to the oppt'y to get a 2nd animal of different species but it is hard not to dream. I would plan to focus solely on moose until I got one but i would like to hear thoughts on expected chance to get a 2nd animal if I was to get a moose with several days remaining. (caribou, goat, elk, bison would all be something i'd be interested in)

thanks in advance for any help provided


From: Tilzbow
I've hunted the NWT and BC but never the Yukon. I've also researched exactly this topic for a few years. Generally speaking my experience and research has revealed:

NWT and Yukon will cost $5,000 to $10,000 more than BC which is about $1,000 per inch of horn. Bigger bulls in Yukon and NWT and they're classified as different species.

Quality and toughness of hunts will depend on outfitter and their specific area rather than the territory. Yukon and BC are likely horseback hunts while NWT is going to be via air and boat.

If thinking multi-species all have grizzly. Think goats and elk in BC (plus Stone Sheep) Mt. Caribou in NWT (plus Dall Sheep) and the Yukon can vary but probably not as good unless you're thinking sheep or grizzly.

From: Db1
Like tiz said above... Different species of moose and different pricing. I've been to all 3 provinces and each is equally unique and you'll experience different amazing views and places in each place. Wherever you decide have fun and enjoy your time there. Just being there is more then half the adventure to me. And if I had to pick one of the places to go...I'd be in the Yukon. Just something special there for me.

I have been to the NWT and BC never the Yukon either like Tilzbow, the Alaskan Yukon moose are the big boys where the Canada moose are a little smaller on average I have hunted Caribou with MMO with Stan Stevens and want to return for moose someday? mostly drop off and pack out from there to different glassing areas, BC would be horseback for the most part, some boat use as well, and glass alot. All beautiful country. maybe its just me but i think BC has to be the most beautiful place on the earth. I know i have repeated what the others have said . good luck on your adventure.

From: Medicinemann
PM sent

From: EJG
Thanks to all who have answered so far and those who PM'd as well. It has already started to help me collect my thoughts a bit and also just having these discussions is a big part of the fun of planning so I really appreciate it.

From: Foot Shooter
I went through what you are doing last year......... I ended up booking my 2016 hunt through BSC, and the advice and knowledge that Mark shared was very helpful for me. I also wanted to have the ability if I were to be lucky enough to get a moose early in the hunt to keep on hunting. The deal maker for me was that I would have legit chances for another species, if I happened to end up in that position. I booked in northern BC and if I end up in that position I will spend what the Yukon hunt would have been for just the moose. If I hunt hard for the entire trip and don't find what I want then I have saved some coin and had an experience of a lifetime.

I am in the process now of trying to get back into shape so I can push myself on this hunt to be able to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.

Good luck on your decision, and let us know what you go with.

From: BTM
Another vote for checking with Mark Buehrer at BSC. He's helped me with several Yukon and BC hunts.

From: Ollie
I suggest talking with Bowhunting Safari Consultants. They book hunts in all the provinces that you have mentioned and they can tell you about the advantages/disadvantages of each location/outfitter.

From: jtelarkin08
I booked through mark and leave for BC in 36 days.> i went with a hunt that i could do multi species for a decent price. Gonna do moose and Bison at sikanni river..

From: EJG
glad to hear all the recommendations to talk with BSC. I've already been wearing out one of there catalogs thumbing through it since I was already planning to talk to them. I've only dealt with them on one hunt so far but it has been a great experience.

thanks for all the help


From: EJG
jtelarkin08 - Good luck on your hunt, I hope you get one of each!

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