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70 North transporter
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From: Caribooty
Our group of seven reserved a drop in Caribou hunt with Mike at 70 North out of Happy Valley Camp in Alaska last week. He totally lied to us after taking our deposits 10 months ago. Found out he isn't even legal since he didn't do any written contract. Mike himself lost his license to fly I'm told. DO NOT USE HIM! Other groups we talked to got shafted by him also. Go with Arrowhead Outfitters down the road instead. Good luck.

From: kota-man
I had heard there were some issues with 70 North. We are booked with Brooks Range Aviation next year.

Nick M is booked with Arrowhead for next week I believe. Both Arrowhead and BRA "came to the top" when I was looking at transporters.

From: TEmbry
How did he "totally lie to you"? How were you and others shafted?

Not saying you aren't being truthful, just never understood these slander posts full of hyperbole without any details.

From: razorsharp
We used them to fly from Deadhorse to Kavik. Only game in town and $950 one way!

We had some less than acceptable dealings there with a guy named Gill or something.. because we came back early and had no way to store meat. Alaska airlines was closed for the day. He was bitching because we "didn't have a plan for care of the meat". We had planned to fly out of Kavik the next morning (that was our plan) but Bob the pilot showed up and offered to fly us back. All Gill could do was bitch to Mike over the phone about it instead of coming up with a solution to what really was their problem.

There were two other guys there that were awesome. Noah and an older guy who's name I cannot remember. They let us store the meat in a connex box off of the hanger. They turned a bad situation around. They ran us back and forth to lodging and the terminal. Can't speak highly enough about those two.

From: FrontierMule

I sent you a pm. Can you please reply as I had some questions on your experience.


From: prezboys
Caribooty. Hey explain your trip in more details and what is going on with Mike??

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