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HUNTING on KAUAI, feral goats etc.
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Ambush 18-Aug-15
From: Ambush
Well since I've been pressured in to taking a family vacation on the Island of Kauai next October, I thought I should start gathering info on bow hunting there. I'm a Canadian citizen from British Columbia, so non-resident alien is my guess. My kids, grandkids and wife will likely give me a few days off if I sulk enough.

I'd like the hunt to be DIY with the main target feral goats, but pig to if one should show. Probably spike out a couple of days, so off trail a bit is good.

Also, is it possible to helicopter to a more remote plateau to save time and get more hunting hours? We took a helio tour a couple years ago on Maui and the pilot pointed out some certain vegetation that was only surviving because it grew on cliffs that even the goats couldn't reach. He said there were tons there and they could not be reached by people on foot. I didn't have a bow with me so I didn't ask about hunting.

Any advice or suggestions?

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