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Farewell to the BB Bowsite Lope Hunt
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From: BB

BB's embedded Photo
BB's embedded Photo
The BB Bowsite Pronghorn hunt officially ended today with word that the last hunter filled his tag this morning.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you who participated or tried to participate in this event. It lasted for 7 years and I gained a lot of good friends and had so much fun and so much satisfaction from doing it.

Sadly it was torpedoed by a fellow Bowsiter and by mother time on my body. All good things must come to an end, and it was a good time for me. There were so many laughs and fun memories and so many good friendships formed, that would have never happened and for all that I am very thankful and will enjoy and remember these the rest of my time.

I gave Jeff and Kolton three of my remaining blinds and my son Cody the two remaining. One was stolen, a couple vandalized, but most made it out in fair shape.

I learned a ton hunting from the blinds and even more photographing from them. I hope those that came learned a bit too. But mostly I learned what great people most of the Bowsiters really are. The satisfaction I received by doing this and seeing the joy on so many faces, made all the sacrifices and costs so worthwhile.

A special thanks to Jeff and Kolton who were always there to help me when it came time to install the blinds. And to Jeff who would always try to be there and help during their construction. Not many folks can have better friends, I do know that.

During all those years, inspite of wind, rain, snow, and bowsiter interference, every single person, who came on this hunt was able to fill their tag.

So to all my friends who joined me I say thanks and good luck and I hope our paths can cross again down the line sometime and some place.

Have a great bow hunt. BB

From: Heat
Hi Bill,

I am terribly sorry that this had to end. Such is life. I would have loved to hunt pronghorn with you but it is not meant to be I guess. Your contributions are well noted and never forgotten. Thanks for all the advice, photos, and encouragement over the years!


From: Bou'bound
"Sadly it was torpedoed by a fellow Bowsiter " ????

what happened and who would interfere with such a wonderful activity.

From: wifishkiller
X2 bou'bound?????

From: pav

pav's embedded Photo
pav's embedded Photo
Thank you Bill (and Jeff) for making my 1st pronghorn hunt such a fantastic experience. I had no idea how much hard work went into this hunt...until I saw it for myself. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and the memories.

I had a great bowhunt BB!

Thanks for sharing all these years Bill.

Good luck, Robb

From: midwest
Best wishes, Bill! You're one of the best!

I Texted with Jeff and Kolton the other day and it looks like they had a great night earlier this week!

Thanks for all you do every day! Many of us have benefited from your wisdom on Bowsite and also while in camp! C

From: T Mac
Bill what a great opportunity you provided for so many bowsiters. Cherish the friendships and memories. Well done to all involved in making it happen.

From: Mark Watkins
Bill, thanks for doing this hunt over the years.....we all loved to follow along and the great story telling!

Made us feel like we were right there in the "hot boxes in the sage" sweating with you!

And oh yeah, keep YOUR PICS rolling!

You my friend are a great inspiration to the rest of us!

Thanks for being "a real American!"


From: LWood
Thanks Bill! I've enjoyed all your contributions to the Bowsite, especially your pronghorn hunt every year.

From: otcWill
Bowsite loves ya, BB! Thanks for everything you contribute!

Wish I could of hunted with BB. Love ur pics! Keep em coming. Appreciate it.

From: KJC
Thank you BB. I always enjoy your posts.

From: huntmaster

huntmaster's embedded Photo
huntmaster's embedded Photo
Thank You Again Bill!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet you face to face and shake your hand, but you helped me out a ton to get my first antelope.

Sad that someone you were helping had to ruin it for any future hunters. Glad to hear that everyone tagged out to close out this fantastic gift you have provided for so many.

Here's my antelope that came from your generosity and this fantastic opportunity!

From: Beav
Bill you are a class act and very gracious for all you have done for so many bowsiters. Always fun following along with your threads. Thanks!

From: HockeyDad

HockeyDad's embedded Photo
HockeyDad's embedded Photo
Many Many thanks Bill. It was a pleasure to share camp with you, Shane and fellow bowsite folks this year. Couldn't ask for a better group of folks to share camp with.

It was a fantastic opportunity and memories that I will never forget!

From: SteveB
If a single person from Bowsite wrecked the hunt, saying it probably gives them satisfaction. If you needed to end it, just end it not giving that one any credit. Although I never got to participate, what you did was a great thing!

From: Florida Mike
There are but a few real men in this world, many imitators, wannabees, but BB you're a mans man. I regret not hunting with you. I'm glad to know there are still a few good guys around that have compassion. You are a true Bowsite Icon. I so enjoy your pictures. Mike

From: drycreek
BB, I, for one, sincerely hope that this is not the end of your picture threads. They are one of the main attractions on Bowsite. Good luck !

From: lewis
Well I missed another opportunity to participate in a great event.Really enjoyed following it The pics.are great stuff.Good luck.Lewis

From: Scoot
Bill is a great ambassador to archery and a definite gift to bowsite and its members. I hope to meet up with Bill next year when I visit out there, but time will tell on that one. Bill, thanks so much for doing this hunt. Thanks too, to the crew of guys who helped you with it.

I'm looking forward to your future picture threads still, Bill!

From: Reflex
Always wanted to make the trip out to hunt with you, BB. Thank you for taking the time take numerous bowsiters over the years.

From: writer
You put in your time and effort, Bill, it's time to rest...and concentrate on more great photography!

Thanks for the rides.

From: Bear Track
I had thought that in my future, I'd get to meet you BB and hunt with you. To say my wife and I enjoyed your wildlife photographs over the years is an understatement.

And X3 bou'bound? Maybe someone else could enlighten us?

From: smarba
Thanks BB: I never found the time to try and join you, and have never had the pleasure of meeting you in person, but have enjoyed your photos and contributions to the Bowsite over the years.

Even if the annual BB pronghorn hunt has ended, please keep posting photos and useful tidbits!


From: t-roy
My sentiments have been echoed by many of the above posts BB. I was also hoping to someday get to share camp with you as well as a "hands on tutorial" on broad head sharpening from you!

You are the "class of the field" & we will still look forward to your awesome pics as well as your thoughts & opinions.

Hoping that you have MANY great bow hunts, BB!

From: bill brown
I echo the sentiments expressed here. Thanks for the pleasure your posts have given me, BB.

From: Rick M

I have and will fallow your posts and hope you will continue to contribute to BS. I really appreciate the effort it takes.

sorry to see the end of the pronghorn hunt but it has been a bright spot for me to come along on the hunts with you via Bowsite.

Hope all is well and thanks again!!!

Rick M

From: Bullhound
Not good news. I have grown accustomed to looking up your annual lope hunt and enjoying the crap out of it! Thanks, BB, for the joy you have provided many folks!!!

From: Trial153
Sad to see it go!! Thanks for all the work over the years!!

From: Chip T.
You went above and beyond the call of duty on your hunts. They will be sorely missed!!! Thanks from all of us.

From: elkmtngear

elkmtngear's Link
I'm very sorry I never made it out there, Bill. You've been a great asset, both to my Company, and to Bowsite. Can't thank you enough for your selfless generosity.

I'll be continuing to follow your amazing images on FB, and here when you feel like sharing.

Best Wishes, Jeff

From: BB
I am not going to reveal any name. But to put speculation to rest, here's basically what happened.

The ship was not torpedoed by anyone who came out and participated on the Bowsite hunt, but rather by an individual bowsiter who read my many threads and communicated by PM and on the multiple threads and photo threads I posted.

Early on he ask me lots of questions on antelope and antelope hunting. As I recall he was from the midwest. Then he moved to Wyoming and ended up living very near the area in which I hunt. His interest seemed to be much like mine and so I shared quite a bit with him over the years.

Once a resident, he began applying for a pronghorn permit and began scouting the area. He recognized my blinds from the photos I posted and would contact me. He left several notes in my blinds and offered for me to keep my blinds at his place and even offered to help me put them in.

Then one year he drew a permit and the tide turned. He basically ask me not put in one of the blinds, where he had sat and saw how many antelope were watering. He went on to say I had tied up every single good waterhole in the unit. (Most years I had four blinds in and one year six.) I told him he was welcome to sit my blinds, and particularly the location he felt was so good, if he would just give us the first 10 days and he could have it the rest of the season. And to be honest with you, it just seemed to getter better the closer to the rut it got, so I was really offering him the best time to hunt. But with little or no antelope experience he could not understand that.

The area I hunt is a checkerboard area of private and public land. It so happened the location he wanted sat on the private section and an organization of cattle and sheepmen have the grazing rights to that area. It also happened that his neighbor headed that organization and long story short he went to him and told him he wanted to hunt it and I was sent registered letter that gave me 10 days to remove my blinds from the private sections in that unit.

So I made a trip up and went through the work and expense and took down the blinds in question.

Now he had a place to hunt!

But being inexperienced and not understanding what the Wyoming winds and cattle can do to piece of S blinds, he found out it wasn't quiet as easy as he thought, even though he had a great water hole to hunt.

He ended up not even being able to hunt as he didn't have a blind that would hold up and I think the Lord placed a few other problems in his life. But I have always said "what comes around goes around", and I think that happened in his case.

I have always let a lot of people hunt my blinds besides the Bowsiters and there were many bucks taken from them besides the ones the Bowsiters took. So it ended up that he not only shot his self in the foot, but many of you and many others that live and hunt in that area.

Just about a month ago I did receive, in the mail, a letter of apology from him. So to his credit I think he knows he made a mistake and realizes he would have been much better taking my offer to hunt a bit later than the opening. Since this time he has once again moved to a different state.

I haven't made the time to reply to his letter of apology but will when things slow down a bit.

I will say this, there are many very good waterholes in that area that never have had a blind set up on them. And there are better waterholes in that unit than the ones I hunted. And had I lived so close to that unit as he did, with the effort necessary, I could have found one. Some guys can get it done, and some can't. Some are willing to pay the price, but many aren't. I now know to which group he belongs.

Anyway its time to move on and I have done that. My 50 year passion for bowhunting has opened a new and exciting adventure and challenge for me and I plan to pursue it with the same vigor and passion I did bowhunting. Its so much the same and yet 30 pounds of gear, is much easier on my back, than is half a deer or an elk or moose quarter. I had a wonderful time bowhunting, and now I am having a wonderful time with my camera. The rush is almost the same. For those of you who love fishing, (catch and release) this camera thing is just about like that. So many challenges and so many rewards. I love it and it fuels my passion.

Thanks to all of you here on the Bowsite, who have been so kind to me through all these years. I have many friends here and I promise to stop by every once in while and throw a few photos your way.

Have a great bow hunt. BB

From: x-man
Wow! my biggest pet peeve, ENTITLEMENT.

Some guys may never understand what a real work ethic is.

BB, I wish you all the best. We planned to give you a visit next fall. I guess we'll be on our own. Good luck, and God bless you.

From: DonVathome
I hunted with you the first year THANKS!

Sorry to hear about that, to his credit he did say sorry - many men never do.

Take care


From: Paul@thefort
'Farewell' to the hunt but not to BB, I hope.

So much you have contributed and shared. Your passion is endless.

My best, Paul

From: GBTG
Always enjoyed the photos and best part no tags to have to draw. I can see being in your place in the future. God Bless Dave PS Thanks again for the help in the Books years ago.

From: GhostBird
Thanks for all your sharing BB... look forward to seeing more of your photos in the future!!!

From: Cheque
I too like many others have followed your thread each year and really enjoy your pictures. Even my wife, who isn't into hunting and has never seen and antelope, enjoys seeing the world through your lenses. Thank you for taking us along.

Thanks for all your help Bill. Your advice has helped me a lot and I've appreciated your Bowsite contributions as well.

From: Bullshooter
I got lucky enough to hunt last year and it was great. Thanks BB, I enjoyed hunting with you, Cody, Donnie, and Travis. Good People!

Oh yeah, and I killed a great buck!

Bill, we know all good things must come to an end, but it's sad that the annual antelope hunt didn't end on your terms.

As many have said, you are an ultra talented photographer, but an even better person. I can never thank you enough for all the help/info you gave me back when I drew my moose permit. I'll be forever greatful.

I wish you nothing but the best in the continued pursuit of your newest passion. Rob

Class act you are, Bill. Always enjoy your phenomenal photos and your write ups. Sure glad I get to see them on social media as well.

Look forward to see many more photos in the future.

From: scrapwood
Thanks for all you do for Bowsite BB, and for helping up and coming bowhunters like me with your generous sharing of knowledge and photos!

From: cityhunter
Bill i see many hunters stab others in the back for a hunting spot .

Bill i have 6 lope points never killed a lope need your help!!!

From: elmer@laptop
Dammn Bill.....sorry to hear how it went down. Though I have never Hunter for pronghorn, your posts on these hunts were one of my favorites to follow each year.

Too bad there are dickeads everywhere that end up ruining things for many.

Wish you would post more of your photos again. I always loved them. Best of luck for the future!

From: wild1
Thanks for all you did for Bowsiters!! We both share the same two passions! All the best to you.

From: JLS

You are one of the classiest folks that I have never met. My admiration of you as a Bowsite member is unparalleled.

I wish you the best in health and everything else. IL'm sad that I never really considered taking part in your yearly antelope hunt. I always loved reading about it.

Take care.

From: Bob

This is tragic ! I have zero tolerance for those types of people. The Trespassing, Tree Stand Stealing, I didn't know anybody owned this land, I want what you have but I don't want to work for it filth of the earth.

Bill all I can say for you is that I have enjoyed your contributions to bowsite more than you will know. Your story's and photos have provided me many a relaxing evening, that put my mind somewhere else after a challenging day.

You are an inspiration to us all.

Thank You Bob

From: Elkstuffer
Shoot Bill, Sorry to hear that one bad apple had to spoil it for so many more. I had always hoped to do that hunt with you. I'm enjoying your photo's on Facebook and also wanted to thank you for accepting my friend request. I hope that someday we may still cross paths. Take care!


From: Jaquomo
Bill, thank you for your inspiration to me in so many ways. I, too, am bummed that I wasn't able to accept your invitation to hunt, but you know how life and careers work. Now that I'm retired and have the time available....

Good karma and good things will continue to come your way. William Allard Wildlife photos will live on long after all of us are worm food.

Best to you, my friend!!

From: BC
Thank you Bill for all the advice on western hunting. We never got to shake hands but your time on the phone is appreciated very much. You are the real deal BB. God bless.

From: Bowfreak
I was lucky enough to get to hunt with Bill in Wyoming. I can't put into words how much fun we had. Bill is a great bowhunter and he knows animals. He learned through trial and error and pretty much all of his knowledge is from his experience. There is not a bigger BSer on the face of the planet than Bill Allard. There is also not a better man on the planet than Bill Allard. I would bet one of Wyoming's famous steaks on that.

Thanks for the fun times Bill and here is one of my favorite pics from my antelope hunt. It is a picture of 2 stud bucks. :)

 photo IMG_2247_zpsq6tz4r7z.jpg

From: Brotsky
Bill, thanks for all you've done for us Bowsiters. Your insights and pictures have had profound influence on many of us and I hope you realize the positive impact you've had in so many lives here. I continue to enjoy your photos daily on Facebook and hope you continue to grace Bowsite with future photo threads and continue to impart your sage advice. Best of luck to you and let me return your never failing wish to us all: Have a great bow hunt BB!

From: nijimasu
Very sad to hear the tale, but even in my limited bow hunting experience I've been hosed by the same sort of individual. The only place I was ever able to find elk in my home state I let a bowsiter go with me because I was inexperienced and was a little nervous about trying it in my own. The guy gut-shot a cow, then chased it off, and somehow blamed me for the whole thing. I vowed not to hunt with the jerk again, but was excited to hunt the place the next year. When I got there the next year the guy and three of his friends each had huge RV's parked in the campground with extended family all saddled up. I turned around and pretty much gave up on hunting elk. I know, I'm a pansy, but it pretty much ruined it for me.

I was always going to ask BB for a few hints about hunting goats in Wyoming, but I won't now... I'd never want to be a mooch like the Bowsiter that wrecked this.

Thanks BB- for stories and photos. I hope your son will still be wacking goats up there. Best of luck in everything.

Dale from Idaho

From: jdbbro

I've never had the pleasure of meeting you but have enjoyed your threads and pictures over the years.

Several years ago I changed my hunt choice for Elk and Deer draws to the Bookcliffs mostly based on reading about your passion for the area and your pictures. Several weeks ago I got a phone call from a nice lady from the Utah DWR. Seems someone turned in a archery tag for Elk and it was mine if I wanted it. I jumped on it and in 9 more days I get to spend a couple weeks there chasing dreams and seeing new country. I will be a good trip regardless of the outcome.

Thanks again.

From: Turk

I will never be able to thank you enough for helping me to get my first, (and only) antelope. I had great time meeting and hunting with you, Jeff and Cody. (Colton too:-) Lots of great memories!

Thanks my friend!

From: cityhunter
Hey Dale please dont let that ahole stop u from chasing elk ! I hunt alone i find it much easier !

Dale lope are way easier then elk to hunt go at it Wy has plenty of lope with leftover tags

From: HeadHunter®
" the Web " is a very dangerous place and it has ruined bow hunting (among other things)....oh it has its Plus Side too, but The Bad leaves a terrible taste in ones mouth! Over the last several years I have a disdain for what Bow Hunting has become. The 21st Century has brought much un-happiness into my life ... and I am sorry The Good Guys get trampled on!!! .... BB, hang in there and enjoy all of your future ventures, wherever they take you!

From: TD
Gonna miss that hunt thread... much anticipated every year.... but fully understand the reasons.

Thanks so much for your history of contributions to this "group" of hunters, and hopefully much more in the future.

From: jdee
The guy who threw a monkey wrench into BB's great yearly goat hunt must be a wanna be antelope hunter and not much of an outdoorsman if he can't figure out how to go to Wyoming and hunt Antelope without causing all that trouble. Every time I've hunted them in WY I saw more goats than I did people.

Thanks for your contributions, Bill. Sad to see the hunt come to an end like many others here have already stated. We will be looking forward to many more photos!

From: ToddT
Sorry it worked out like that. It was extremely generous of you to do this, as well as everything else you contributed.

In addition it is occurrences such as this that have detrimental effects on the those good guys who need help and are trustworthy, but for fear of such nonsense very few are willing to give advice or lend a hand. I would like to think that those bad apples are a minute few, unfortunately it seems as though situations such as this are all too common.

Good luck to everyone.

Bill is about as good as it gets and I have yet to meet him....thanks for all your help over the years and in the future:)


From: habu john
Bill what a shame this is, some people just have no sense of right and wrong. It looks like I will just have to follow your photo shoots on facebook now. Good luck this fall out there. By the way your BB antelope hunts were the highlights on here each fall, I looked forward to them with great anticipation.

From: ESP
BB, I am sorry to hear about what happened. I have learned much from your posts on this site. I hope to see you posting in the future.

From: rooster

rooster's embedded Photo
rooster's embedded Photo
I closed out the final Bowsite Antelope hunt, and I must say it is a bittersweet feeling. I contacted Bill the very first year he began the hunt and bided my time collecting the necessary points to draw the tag. By the time this season came around I was married and my wife had collected a few points as well. We were lucky enough to draw tags and the adventure began. While the hunting was far beyond what we could have imagined, the opportunity to meet Bill and Shane was definitely the highlight for Brenda and myself. You simply will not meet two more gracious and helpful people, period. The experience they bring and share cannot be more appreciated. My only regret is that I didn't get a picture of us with Bill and Shane. I hope to keep in contact with both and hopefully we can meet again in the future

From: Bowfreak
I love the character and mass of that buck rooster. Congrats!


All the best Bill, I will always follow on FB and wish you the very best.


Sorry for your misfortunes. It sounds like you have done many a great deed for your fellow hunter. I'm sure life awaits in whatever you want and from the sounds of it, It will be done well. God Bless to you and yours.

From: Brun
We have never met , but I have really enjoyed your stories and pictures over the years. Your story about your hunt in unit 61 is still my all time favorite on Bowsite. As soon as I read it I wanted to hunt there. A friend drew that tag this year and I will tag along to help him and get to know the unit better. We won't have the whole season like you did, but I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for all you've done to help people on this site and I hope you enjoy your photography for many more years, I know I will enjoy looking at your posts.

From: CPAhunter

CPAhunter's embedded Photo
CPAhunter's embedded Photo
A thank you to BB, although it seems not enough..........I had the pleasure of hunting with Jeff, Paul, BB etal in 2013 and it was truly an awesome experience.

From: Phydous

Phydous's embedded Photo
Phydous's embedded Photo
Thank you Bill! I still hold this hunt as one of the highlights of my hunting career. I appreciate your letting me be part of this awesome adventure, I am forever grateful!

Great thread! Bill you are the man!

From: QQ Archery
Hi Bill , sad to see but many thanks to you ,i have admire your posting for many many years,the first to come to mind is your info on creating your own springs for elk wallows some almost 25 years ago,you had me hooked from there on ,you always carried your self with care and pride wish nothing but the best for your family, your self and all your well deserve adventures to come,and again thank you

Bill - Always enjoyed your Lope Hunt Threads. I am very sorry to find out they are over.

Each time I followed one, I thought to myself that it'd be great to someday try to finagle a way into your blind for me and one of my kids when they were old enough.

I think that this thread will at least serve to remind you that you are thought of very highly. That has to be worth something.

And in contrast, there are thoughts being expressed about the individual who saw fit to screw up a great thing...Thanks Pal! Great D-Bag kind of move. I will be using you as a bad example and morality lesson for my kids. As you go to sleep at night, I hope that you enjoy sharing the same popularity level as Rosie O'Donnell.

From: cityhunter
Bill Bill BILL come on u have been telling me this line for years :> Bill tries but them bowsiters pull him back in

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