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Pack Animals in Alaska??
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squirrel 22-Aug-15
llamapacker 22-Aug-15
TD 23-Aug-15
Matt 23-Aug-15
TEmbry 23-Aug-15
Mule Power 23-Aug-15
Mark Watkins 23-Aug-15
Rick M 24-Aug-15
Mule Power 24-Aug-15
From: squirrel
I've used pack animals a lot but never hunted AK. For those who have used animals and hunted in AK, why do so few hunts use beasts of burden up there. Is the terrain too soft/boggy or is it just too "different/non-traditional". It would seem to me a helluva lot more efficient to take two llamas ( or 5 goats etc.)in the plane than two(or more) human packers. Could it be the less traditional pack animals just aren't widely available up there? I've read some accounts of animals being taken cross country for bunches of miles and meeting air born humans for the actual hunt, then being ridden out afterwards. A logistics nightmare and would have to cost a fortune unless multiple hunts were planned from the same base camp/ stable area. I was reading haul road threads and thought a pickup with 3 llamas in the back might change everything.

From: llamapacker
Main reason is the expense of feed and logistics of transportation. Horses need to be fed at least 8 months, and not all are up to the dark winters and cold. And there are very few roads in general, so you have few starting points. Additionally, most horse people realize horses don't like boggy terrain. Nuff said about horses.

Llamas and other animals that can fit in a Cessna might work, but you kind of hit on it, transportation isn't cheap by plane.

There will never be a lot of pack stock in Alaska.


From: TD
Check with Herdbull.... he's an animal at packing.....

From: Matt
Please video getting the llama into the Super Cub.

And don't take pack goats into areas with sheep due to potential disease transmission issues.

From: TEmbry
Goats are illegal to take sheep hunting up here.

Livestock in general is far too expensive to board and feed up here to be worthwhile for the sole purpose of taking on a hunt or two each fall. You could afford a small plane for the cost of 2-3 horses here.

From: Mule Power
Sherpas. That's the answer.

From: Mark Watkins
Super cubs that is why.


From: Rick M
Yep, in most cases it is way more cost effective to fly in with super cubs or on floats.

There are a couple of outfitters that use horses and then ship them south after the season is over. Few and far between.

From: Mule Power

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Mule Power's embedded Photo

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