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Best value for a hunting adventure
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From: ToddT
I have wanted to go to Spain or New Zealand for several years now, and I plan to do one or both eventually, maybe in the next year. But it caused me to start thinking, there are probably some great values out there. While researching I found a "cull" beceites ibex hunt for around $3,000, which to me would be a great value.

I have hunted Scotland for red stag, and South Africa as well as Zimbabwe. And what I have found is that there are some exceptional values in the hunting field out there, if someone can simply find them.

Certainly I would love to hunt some of the big ticket hunts, but at this time in my life I would prefer to do two hunts for $7,000 then to do one. And going to another country - another continent - just adds to the excitement.

So, if you have a suggestion, for anywhere in the world that can be done for less than $5,000 I am very interested. I would prefer a PM, but whatever you are comfortable is fine with me. Thanks for any help.

From: wild1
What about Australia: big, mean wild boar, water buffalo and maybe even a camel or two. Plus, it's a fun country to visit also.

If you're not tired with Africa, take a look at Namibia.

From: Jaquomo
Australia. Red stag, fallow deer, rusa deer, sambar stags, hogs, several species of goats, buffalo, camels, donkeys, foxes, turkeys. No license and no limit for most species. It hasn't been commercialized line New Zealand so the costs are very reasonable. No pens, either.

From: PAstringking
$5000 all included or $5000 for just the hunt.

There are a lot of hunts that can be done under 5K and be an adventure..., but flights, shipping, visas, ect blow 5k out of budget

For a couple of years that I got the catalog there was a Mongolian ibex hunt for just a couple of thousand dollars. Then last year or the year before they upped the price to $14k. I should have pulled the trigger when it was cheaper just for the adventure.

I bet you could stalk scrub bulls in Australia for less than 5k. + there is the added danger of being stomped by the scrub bull.

From: bghunter
Not including travel costs I hunted 3 days and took red stag, goat and fallow deerin new zealand and that included fees for my wife and it was under 5 grand.

New Zealand is a great country and if I could afford it again I would go back in a heartbeat.

From: Bigpizzaman
King Ranch South Texas, Nilgia, Hogs, Javelina and Coyotes! $2850 3 days of Archery.

From: DonVathome
Ak moose fly in :0

Inside joke!

Researching all night Todd!!!

Great value? How about a $350 hog hunt in Oklahoma :)

From: ToddT
Thanks for all the suggestions guys. For clarification, I did mean around $5,000 for the hunt itself. Also, though there are some great hunts here in the U.S., and I was open to any suggestion for ANY hunt, I was primarily looking for something internationally.

Something like chamois, tahr, ibex, axis deer, or any other species that I haven't mentioned, or thought of. A good example was my hunt with my wife in Scotland for red stag. It was very affordable and we had a great time, visited Loch Ness, castles, some small villages, shot three nice stags. Just an all around neat and all new experience in a different country.

What I was looking for was something like Kevin mentioned - that apparently isn't available, or rather affordable for me any longer. But basically an overlooked jewel of sorts.

Though I am versed to some degree as to what is available in other countries, I certainly am not an expert in the field of foreign hunting.

I guess to be more specific, does anyone know of a hunt for ibex that is in my price range. I do not have to have the opportunity for the biggest and the best, just a solid hunting experience.

I have considered Australia, but due to the fact that they aren't very commercialized, it is, or it has been for me, difficult to find information about something like that. I think a water buffalo hunt would be fun. And though I have not really researched this hunt, it seems the small amount of information I have received puts that hunt closer to $10,000, but I could be wrong.

Jaq, do you have any information about where to start in Australia?

Thanks again.

From: PAstringking
Todd... Myself and Waterfowler are headed to Australia for Buffalo and Bentang in 2018. The outfitter does not do "cull hunts" any more but they used to be reasonably priced.

It is going to be a great hunt with a bow.

Another $5000 hunt would be Argentina. You can do a Water Buffalo for around that including day rates.

Hawaii isnt international...but dang close...and you can have a great hunt for Axis, Goats, Sheep, and Mouflon for a reasonable price.

Like others said...New Zealand is a great option and so is Spanish Ibex (you just have to be careful on both) it is easy to blow your budget if you dont do your homework.

Message me if you have any questions

From: Waterfowler
Todd, get on Accurate reloading's forum and look under the discounted hunts. There are quite a few good deals there as well as cull hunts all with reputable outfits and good pricing.

From: wild1

wild1's Link
One sure way to find out about hunting Australia:

Get ahold of Mick Baker of Trophy Bowhunting Australia, and be done with it either way.

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