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Hog Baiting Recipes
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Buffalo1 23-Aug-15
Clutch 23-Aug-15
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Phil/VA 24-Aug-15
EmbryO-klahoma 24-Aug-15
Forest bows 24-Aug-15
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Buffalo1 25-Aug-15
Phil/VA 25-Aug-15
From: Buffalo1
I am looking for proven recipes for baiting for wild hogs. I am not wanting to trap, I am wanting to hunt.

From: Clutch
5 gallon plastic bucket--- fill 3/4 with corn--poor 1 pound of sugar on top of corn-- fill with water n stirr-- cover for one week--dump in trap--start shooting

From: Cazador
I use Kool Aid pre mixed gallon size, easy to carry, easy to spread. If you can dig a small hole, and lace in the Kool Aid powder dry as you fill the hole back in.. They will have this dug up and spread over an area about the size of a large dining table. Other hogs will try and find the source of the smell and taste. Just freshen as needed.

From: Phil/VA
Day-to-day, I haven't found anything better than plain old corn. On rare occasions I will take a 5 gallon plastic bucket, fill 3/4 full of corn, add 3 or 4 cheap beers, pour in a packet of strawberry gelatin, put the lid on and let set for a week.

With a post hole digger... dig multiple holes as deep as possible.

Mix up (1-2) boxes of cherry/strawberry jello mix with a can of beer and half of a 5 gallon bucket of corn. Mix well and poor into holes.

Cover holes back up and poor a little more on top of holes.

Do this in an area where you can have the wind in your favor. Time to hunt..

From: Forest bows
Used frier greas soaks in to the ground. It looks like bombs went off.

From: KJC
Thanks Phil/VA! I finally have a use for the case of Coors light that someone left at my house on July 4th!

KJC... Good call. Use cheap beer. :)

From: drycreek
Buy a 12 pack of whatever beer you like. Dig a hole, drink two beers, pour corn in it, drink two more beers. Find a good place to sit, preferably in the shade. Drink beer until the hogs show up. Or not.

From: t-roy

Does it matter if the last couple of holes are crooked?!!

From: Buffalo1
Before I start digging and sweating-

How deep should the hole be dug?

Is it better to dig one hole or dig multiple holes in the same area?

This all has relevance on the amount of beer (and the bait ingredients) required for the task at hand !!

From: Phil/VA
I usually use 3 or 4 holes and will dig them about 2'. Be advised that the pigs will eventually dig out a sizeable hole around the post hole. We had one location where the pigs dug out a hole big enough to make a swimming pool.

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