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Best Time of Year to Hunt?
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dgb 24-Aug-15
Toby 24-Aug-15
XbowfromNY 24-Aug-15
dgb 28-Aug-15
wifishkiller 28-Aug-15
Bou'bound 28-Aug-15
g5smoke21 28-Aug-15
dgb 29-Aug-15
From: dgb
I would like opinions as to when is the best time of year to hunt lions - winter or spring? Thanks!

From: Toby
I like winter better

From: XbowfromNY
I like dry ground hunts in the fall with temps around 60-70 degrees

From: dgb
Anyone else have an opinion? Sounds like the best time is when you can!

From: wifishkiller
The worst is hard icy snow/ or warm mid days melting snow.

From: Bou'bound
when the outfitter you go with, who you have confirmed is one of the best available, tells you.

if you are talking about self-guided and running a DIY with your own dog's I would suggest snow season is best

From: g5smoke21
Find a good outfitter that has dogs that can work dry ground as well as good snow conditions and ask what he has to say about it...i went late december...crap snow conditions...alot of exposed rim rock that the lion ran but his dogs were great and got me a great tom on day 1

From: dgb
Thanks guys!!

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