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Guided hunt - should I bring calls?
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CurveBow 26-Aug-15
Bou'bound 26-Aug-15
ki-ke 26-Aug-15
Bear Track 26-Aug-15
South Farm 26-Aug-15
Bob H in NH 26-Aug-15
Ollie 26-Aug-15
deerman406 26-Aug-15
DonVathome 26-Aug-15
CurveBow 01-Sep-15
caribouken 01-Sep-15
CurveBow 08-Sep-15
DonVathome 09-Sep-15
Medicinemann 09-Sep-15
From: CurveBow
I'm going on a guided moose hunt In Newfoundland starting October 25. Should I bring moose calls or rely on the guides? As a qualifier, I have never hunted moose before. But I have watched a lot of videos and stayed in a Holiday Inn Express! :)


From: Bou'bound
if you are taking your vocal chords on the trip you are covered, but the quides will call. those are late calling dates.

From: ki-ke
Calling yourself on a guided hunt may result in getting hit in the back of the head with a rock.....

From: Bear Track
I stepped on a guy's call once. I don't know about NF moose but Bou's right, that is late. Maybe out there it's still ok time to call. Latest I ever called in a moose was Oct. 17th. Moose will be looking for the cows coming into their 3rd heat then and that's probably what they are counting on.

From: South Farm
Leave them home, that's what you pay the guide for.

From: Bob H in NH
Depends, if you want to LEARN to call, then talk to the guide and explain you want to learn. I did elk hunting, he had no issue and taught me a good bit. I even called in a bull.

When push comes to shove, remember, if you squeak a call you can't blame the guide!

From: Ollie
It's your hunt. You paid for it. If you want to bring your calls and give a toot or two, go for it. But don't be pissed at your guide if you blow a sour note and blow a setup. Two people who both know how to call can make it sound like multiple animals are out there and this may help entice a shy bull to come on in.

From: deerman406
I would ask your outfitter. He may tell you to bring them and than listen to you call a bit and decide if you should carry them on the hunt. Shawn

From: DonVathome

From: CurveBow
Thanks for the opinions folks! I didn't want to roll into camp with a birch bark call and look like "that guy" in camp. I'll not buy one and rely upon the guide. I realize that its late as far as rut calling, but hope that we might be able to call in a bull out of curiosity or stumble on one still hunting.

I have no experience with moose hunting or calling, but have watched a ton of TV stuff & other videos as well as read a book about it. Should qualify as "expert status", eh?! :) LOL


From: caribouken

You will have a good chance of a bull coming to a call. Four of the last five years I have taken cow. My largest bull came tearing out of the brush looking for a fight...was Oct. 28th. Last fall a bull came to the call about 1/2 hour after daylight in the pouring rain...he also was looking for a fight. First bull about 24 yards; second was about 150 but did not like things...did not get to leave; was Oct. 29th. My hunting buddy had a good bull come late in the afternoon 2 years ago. One of my other bulls was with a cow and would not leave her. Easy stalk. Bulls will also be feeding hard at daylight and can be stalked. Your guide will know what to do. We will start our hunt Nov. 2 this year. My outfitter says it has been cool/cold summer and he is hoping it continues. Expect rain/snow (maybe). The island is a very neat place!

From: CurveBow
Thanks caribouken! I'm excited!


From: DonVathome
FOR SURE, if you know how to use them.

From: Medicinemann
If you don't have them with you, you can't use them. However, I agree with Bou' on that point....if you have vocal chords, that is all that you need, as they are easy to mimic....and if fired up, willing to come to just about any call.

However, there is a different point that I want to mention......the great thing about having a second person with you, is that you can set up out in front. The caller can get 50-70 yards behind you, and as the bull approaches, they can relocate as necessary to draw the bull within range of your position....because the bull is looking for another moose 50-70 yards PAST you.....why would you want to call, and alert the moose to your position?....because now he is looking for an animal where YOU are.....

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