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GPS or phone app?
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Surfbow 27-Aug-15
smarba 28-Aug-15
oldgoat 28-Aug-15
Surfbow 30-Aug-15
jims 30-Aug-15
From: Surfbow
Hi guys, I'm chasing antelope in eastern Wyoming for the first time this fall (rifle tag) and want to pick up a GPS unit that shows private property boundaries. However, I also remember some discussion on here about an iPhone app (GPS powered) that I could download that does the same thing. What recommendations do you have?

From: smarba
OnXMaps has either chip for Garmin or app for OS/Android. Only issue I have with phone app is you are dependent on battery life of the phone.

From: oldgoat
Android App Backcountry Navigator is all I've used everywhere last five or six years, had issues one time in bad weather, was snowing and blowing with low cloud deck, not sure a regular gps would of been better. It would work off and on so I could figure out what I needed but it was a little bit of a pain.

From: Surfbow
Awesome, thanks guys, OnX was the one i was trying to remember...

From: jims
I have a Garmin with OnX and it works great. If you are in an isolated area in Wyo you likely won't get cell coverage with your phone. I hunt Wyo every year and there are a lot of areas that have poor or no cell coverage. I just returned from an Alaska trip and bought an InReach. It is possible to get a monthly contract so you can text through your InReach from just about any location....great for emergencies or if you need to text on a daily basis.

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