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only 6 days left!!
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From: elmer@laptop
Yahoo!! Only 6 days left till I leave for my combo moose/caribou hunt here in Alaska. I leave Friday the 4th right after I drop my son off at school!! Mostly organized. Just washing clothes, packing and repacking stuff and loading my truck. Having trouble sleeping I am so excited.

There is a quota of 3000 caribou (1500 bulls and 1500 cows) for this area, and as of last night there have been only 682 bulls and 648 cows taken. The last week had only about 200 bulls and 200 cows taken. So it is not looking like there is any danger of the season being closed. Yahoo!

My hunting partners are leaving tomorrow, Sunday and will begin setting up camp and then hunting.

Weather forecast is looking good. After some snow showers on Monday night it is supposed to clear and be sunny and mid 50's Tuesday through Sunday the 6th. After that who knows, but having such good weather early is good and not that common.

Moose season starts September 1st. Brown/grizzly bear season is open already. We always see grizz tracks, but in 5 years hunting this area we have yet to actually see a bear, even when watching gut piles!!

Did I mention that I am excited??!!

Better get off here and go for a run and start doing more laundry and packing and loading!!!

From: Rick M
Good luck Elmer!! You are due for a big moose and a full freezer!!

I leave for Mt. on Thursday and I am nearly as excited as you. My only concern are all the fires and closures. Send some rain down if you don't mind.

From: 'Ike'
Can't wait to see and hear how you do...

From: Bowboy
Good luck!

From: Rob in VT
Good luck, I'm sure you will have a blast!

From: t-roy
Good luck & stay safe.

From: Bow junkie
Good luck Elmer knock em dead

From: jtelarkin08
Good luck

From: elmer@laptop
My hunting partner and his wife left last night. Caribou season is open and moose begins the 1st. We stopped by their place last night and when my 8 year old son found out they were heading out he asked me with sadness in his eyes......"why aren't you leaving now too?" He wants me to get a moose or caribou real bad!! Can't wait till Hunter is old enough to go on these hunting trips with me!!

From: elmer@laptop
Only 5 days now...but who is counting???

From: elmer@laptop
Now have my truck 1/2 packed. 2 loads of laundry left to do then all I will need to do is finish packing food and fuel which will happen on Thursday!

My hunting partners have arrived at our spot and are chasing caribou as I type!!

From: Mule Power
Good luck Elmer. Be safe out there too.

From: elmer@laptop
4 days to go. One tiny load of laundry left to do. Just waterproofed my old hiking boots. Got a couple little things at cabelas. Almost all packed except for food and fuel. It is an odd but good feeling NOT to be rushing and leaving absolutely everything till the last day like I normally do!

Worst part is trying to get back into shape after almost 3 months off due to a calf/achilles. On a 1 hour run today I was stung by a wasp for the 4th time in the last 3 weeks. Really not good for someone allergic to bees/wasps.

Have an epi pen packed for the trip. Hope I don't have to use it. But better to have it than not have it and ending up needing it. When I get stung, I am useless the rest of the day while the benadryl and epinephrine do their jobs! Guess it is better than the alternative....dying from getting stung!!

From: wild1
Good luck and enjoy!!

From: LKH
Quite dry down near Cook Inlet. Guys report getting places with wheelies they have never been. Friend's group has taken 2 moose.

Was sheep hunting MT Harper unit and had a cow moose go thru a pass we were using at 5,500 feet. Was above the sheep.

Safe travels....

From: elmer@laptop
Down to 3 days to departure. And what a day....of running around. Can't find any cow moose in heat scent. Found out one of my old go to spots went out of business. The other is out but is expecting a shipment either tomorrow or Friday.

Sleep or just plain bone headedness took over early. My wife gave me $200 cash to use to make a cc card payment, then use the card for grocery shopping for the trip. Took my list to the store, filled my cart and went to the checkout. Went to pay and........card not authorized. Tried again, card not authorized. Ugh. Checked with the bank, and despite making the payment in person, in cash, the payment was still pending. So...had to leave a cart with a couple hundred dollars of groceries in the cart at the checkout. Why didn't't I just use the cash for shopping???? No idea.

Then went home and spent 2-1/2 hours searching for my moose call I.g cone. This was my 3rd time looking/searching. Couldn't find it. Tore apart she'd...not there, not in any of my 3 vehicles.not in any of the rooms in the house. Wtf? I go pick up my sonfrom school, dropped him off with mom to go to the state fair, and head home after filling the 5 gallon propane tank.

I get home, search the shed, vehicles and house again. Finally go into the boiler room to get a biscuit for our dog Hannah and see 4 boxes of junk. Forgot my wife had put them there the last box I look in there is the cone.

That is the last item that was missing. Now all that is left is grocery shopping.....again......and one tiny load of laundry.

Friday morning at 9 AM and I will be on the road.

So, that is 4 wasp stings in less than 3 weeks, way too many items where they shouldn't have been, and way too much wasted time searching for stuff. Oh, and an 8 year old that keeps waking me up at least 6 times a night. So very little sleep for me.

Hopefully the trip will go smoother andthe moose and caribou gods will look down favorably on me and throw me no more curveballs. And I hope they will be kind enough to allow me a caribou and moose for my freezer.

Now, the only problem will be sleep. Since Sunday I have had a ton of trouble sleeping since I can't get my mind off the hunt!

From: CurveBow
Wishing you a safe and successful hunt!


From: mixed bag
Good luck on your hunt.I know what you mean about running around to get everything together.I leave in a little over a week,and forgetting anything is not an option.I've been going over my packing list daily and hoping I didn't forget anything on it.Just shipped out all my camping gear today to meet me in Alaska when I get there. But, in another week all the stress is over and I'll be chilling in camp waiting for a moose to show up.No phones,no work ,no kids,no noise,no stress for 13 days

From: elmer@laptop
Mixed work, no kids, no phone. Ain't it great??!

From: jjh

From: elmer@laptop
Yahoo!!! Only 13 hours till I leave for my moose/caribou hunt. Truck is packed. Just have to put frozen and perishables in the cooler in the morning, take my son to school and hit the road. Should be on the road about 8:30 AM!

Got a report from my hunting buddy and his wife who have been there for 4-1/2 days already. They said they have seen a lot of caribou, but mostly cows and calves. Bulls won't be far behind. Also have seen a bunch of bull moose and they have been coming to calls already. Problem is they have been sub legal bulls. In the area we hunt they have to be only a spike or fork on one side or....... Have 4 brow tines on one side, 50 inches wide or bigger. Nah not complicated. The bulls that have come to calls so far have been all in betweeners. That does bode well for the next few weeks for us. The bigger bulls will soon be following the lead of these smaller bulls and coming to calls.

I will be dreaming of moose and caribou tonight!!

From: mixed bag
Good luck on your hunt

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