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Bummed out!
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huntindoc 29-Aug-15
DonVathome 30-Aug-15
mixed bag 30-Aug-15
elmer@laptop 30-Aug-15
kota-man 30-Aug-15
SDHNTR(home) 30-Aug-15
DonVathome 30-Aug-15
Pat C. 30-Aug-15
cityhunter 30-Aug-15
Kdog 30-Aug-15
From: huntindoc
Was to leave on Sept 1 for Moose/ bou. Buddy's plane all DIY. Very successful last year, and I could not go. Just found out the plane needs a complete overhaul and the trip is off.... One year rain check, but I'm glad not to have a plane choke up on the north side of the Brooks Range!

So one question... I've got time off, a little $ saved up, a plane ticket to Fairbanks and no connections beyond that. Anybody know how the ptarmagin hunting or fishing is within driving distance of Fairbanks? Too late and too much $$ to set up with another group...

From: DonVathome
Ouch, I think there is some great duck hunting along the wood river? Maybe rent a vehicle and drive the haul road - a dream of mine.

From: mixed bag
change your plane ticket and go hunt/fish on prince of wales.Hope next year works out better

From: elmer@laptop
Go moose hunting yourself. Plenty of open areas where you can have a reasonable chance at a bull without a plane.

From: kota-man
Hire a drop service along the Haul or even out of Fairbanks to take you caribou hunting...

From: SDHNTR(home)
I like Kotas plan! Bottom line, you need to make lemonade out of that lemon!

From: DonVathome
Caribou unit 13.........

Moose somewhere, fishing. Black bear. No way I am showing up in AK and not

Go to AK hunting forums and post I bet a lot of guys there have some great ideas.

Find a moose area with no NR restrictions. Moose meat is great!

From: Pat C.
They pick this up doing the planes annual, Or did it just start having problems?

From: cityhunter
everything happens for a reason

From: Kdog
Good luck whatever you decide to do. At least you didn't find out the plane needed an overhaul when you were in the air.


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