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Why do African Hunt Prices Rise?
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From: StickFlicker

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I know the obvious reasons are "inflation", and "everything costs more year after year". But, don't vacations to countries that are getting beat-up against the U.S. Dollar normally decline in price?

The South African Rand has continued to decline dramatically over the past five years. It is currently worth about half of what it was even just four years ago. It is actually at its lowest point in nearly 15 years, and yet safari prices continue to increase. I suppose it's just supply and demand, but you would think there would be some savings out there due to this dramatic South African currency devaluation.

I'd especially be interested in the thoughts of those on Bowsite that own the Safari companies if there has been that much of an increase in demand or reduction in supply during this time. It's my understanding that the number of animals available for hunting in RSA is at an all-time high as well, so one would think that even if demand had increased, additional supply would keep the prices from rising and the devaluation of the Rand would cause prices to go down. Just curious on people's thoughts.

From: Trial153
You can take this a step further....the US dollar is worth 1.3 Canadian right now, when was the last time you seen Canadian prices on hunts dropping. Next issue look a fuel costs decline since dont see any of that decrease factored into hunt costs.

From: Badlands
I just got back from RSA. Reon at African Barefoot Safaris was able to give us a deal on certain animals because of the currency valuation. I'm sure he'll chime in here shortly.

From: cityhunter
few weeks ago oil barrel all time low since 1999 but yet in NY gas was still about 3 .gal U ask why lol cause we take it without the grease!

From: Huntcell
Apparently because they can...... Keep there hunts pegged to the consumers wallet

When the canadien currency is more then charge the exchange rate when the U.S. Dollars is more charge in U.S. Dollars

Funny how that works

Same with the gas surcharge crap few years back

Today the Rand was about 13 to 1...gonna make for some good shopping come April :-)

I think it's just like anywhere else...people are willing to pay what (in this case) the companies are charging. Why would they charge less? They are booking up at the current prices so why lower them? People are still buying gas at the current prices so why should oil companies lower the price?...etc...

Won't be long now before an outfitter blast's anyone for pointing this out and, commenting on it.

But, the bottom line is economics. God Bless

From: Matt
It's supply and demand - simply really. There is no reason a savvy outfitter would tie his price to cost when the market-clearing price (simply put, the price at which supply and demand are equal) isn't.

That is a benefit enjoyed by proprietors in disadvantaged areas when their clients are disproportionately from affluent areas.

From: LKH
Lots of other examples. Oil is about $45. Tire prices really shot up when oil went up.

Anyone see any decline in tire prices lately????

From: Rut Nut
Yeah, I'm gettin' really p!$$3d! Think I am gonna BOYCOTT! Not gonna buy any more tires and gas! Oh wait................................ ;-)

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha... Why do African Hunts prices rise...? Why do our fuel prices rise in Africa when the oil are low..? O wait its because the Rand are weak against the strong dollar...

The Outfitter that need to buy in animals every year because they hunt almost all off his animals the previous year will need to rise his prices... The outfitter that have enough animals on his property to breed will not need to rise his prices he will actualy be able to lower his prices IF the dollar stay strong against the rand!!

On auction Impala groups are selling for $300-$500 per animal, Bluewildebeest groups are selling for $800-$1000 per animal... Kudu Bulls over 50" are selling for $3000 and up!!! So if you are buying in to be able to hunt next year you will need to rise the prices! I cant see why you should rise the daily rates ...

Well that's my piece of info here out of Africa

God bless and have fun HUNTING!!! PS my prices stay the same for next season and we will have some deals on specific species Reon

From: TD
Supply and demand absolutely. A few years ago when the US (worldwide) recession hit there were some serious bargains on the table. I know guys who pretty much had great hunts that were steals.

Things may not be off to the races since then.... but have stabilized and removed the fear of spending money that may have been seen as life insurance at some point. The buyers have recovered to a degree.

Another point that ties directly to supply and demand.... with the current political climate WRT African trophy hunting (not just Cecil, it has been building for several years now) has the supply itself been drawn down? Maybe the same or even fewer hunters competing for fewer hunts offered?

From: StickFlicker

Thanks for your insight from the safari operator's perspective. I also appreciate the fact that you put your pricing on your website. I find it annoying when other operators don't do that. Maybe those that don't fail to do so because they are tied to the fluctuating market auction prices?


From: mixed bag
I hate when people wont post prices to.I never message those places about prices and just continue to look at the outfitters that post their charges.I would think that's a big customer loss by not posting prices To answer question,its just normal supply and demand.When people refuse to buy certain animals at the current levels,they will reduce costs

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